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9/16/07 9:56:56AM
Are they going to be updated soon so we can see how we did?

I know I picked a bunch of the winners correctly, but I messed up on the time/method. I also know I won a bunch of $$$ on Robbie Lawler, but I'd like to see the official results.

Usually it's updated right after the event, but it hasn't been done yet. Although this is the first secondary league event I've paid attention to, so maybe it always takes a little while?
9/16/07 10:02:05AM
I agree i have been checking my stats every few minutes no results!!!!!!!
9/16/07 10:27:03AM
They are now updated and apparently we cant bet on the K-1 card..o well
9/16/07 11:13:10AM
Not sure if this is a bug, but I have it listed as picking 2 fights by first round - unanimous / majority decision, when I remember picking both by first round stoppage.

How is that even possible anyway?
9/16/07 1:08:08PM
on those fight you pick for XC and K-1, do they do on your record for this site? and same with the money?
9/16/07 2:13:16PM
Sounds like it was a good night for fights, but not for my secondary league points and money. I went 3W / 4L and lost $170.
I was hopeing we could bet on K-1, so I could try to win it back and then some.
9/16/07 3:21:15PM
oic its different
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