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10/31/07 4:34:40PM

EliteXC President Gary Shaw announced today that the promotion will implement new weight classes to improve the safety of its competitors.

“I am very concerned in the mixed martial arts world of this drastic cutting of weight,” said Shaw. “Fighters can fit better in these weight classes and fight for world titles without endangering their health.”

EliteXC will remove the 155-pound weight class and add 140, 150 and 160 divisions. The company's weight classes are now: 140, 150, 160, 170, 185, 205, 265 and 265+.

10/31/07 4:46:34PM
you never know, having a 160 pound weight class could attract some of the pride lightweights, might not be a bad idea.
10/31/07 5:10:36PM
It's definitely good news for fighters, but too many classes - too many belts? No?
10/31/07 5:10:43PM
The only real downside here comes when you try to rank fighters who are in different organizations against each other to create a top 10 list or something like that. Other than that, it allows them to have more champions and thus more championship fights. Also opens alot of doors for match making. If someone is struggling with the fighters in their division or runs into an opponent they cant beat at that weight class, they can just move up or down 10lbs. and problem solved.
10/31/07 5:13:24PM

Posted by silverbullet

It's definitely good news for fighters, but too many classes - too many belts? No?

i dont think it will be an issue finding fighters
10/31/07 5:38:05PM
i dont think that this really addresses the issue of stopping guys from drastically cutting weight. if a guy thinks he will have an advantage by being big at a weight, most will still do it. This just allows for more championship matches and allows fighters from other orgs to find a weight class that were stuck in between classes like nick diaz. If they are going to be adding weight classes, the one that they needed to add was a weight between light heavy (205) and heavy weight (265) if mr. shaws issue was safety. all of the other weight classes are separated by 20 or less lbs., then there's this huge jump to a 65 lb difference. Guys like couture, vera and crocop would be in the lower portion while the gozagas, sylvia's and hunts of the world would be in the upper class. just my thoughts/rant.

none the less i think it will be a positive thing for eliteXC as they can use the differing weight classes to attract new fighters. I'd like to see diego sanchez and karo both fight at 160 instead of at 170 or trying to cut to 155.
10/31/07 5:41:24PM

make it happen....
10/31/07 6:31:09PM
And so the end begins....

I really hope UFC does not copy this system. Boxing's biggest problem is there are too many belts for too many weight classes.

The fighters are safe now in MMA. There have been no deaths or life threatening injuries in any sanctioned event, and as boxing has shown, it wont matter if you make 50 different weight classes, deaths and serious injury is not avoidable.

Please, I pray this the only organization that does this, I absolutley hate the idea. It completely water downs every title, I hate it so much, I really do.
10/31/07 6:55:52PM
Fighters will always cut drastic amounts of weight to be as big as they can be - adding more weight classes won't solve that.

More weight classes are added so Shaw can have more belts and more championship fights. Lame.
10/31/07 7:02:33PM
I don't mind too many weight divisions. Simple to boxing.

EliteXC could work as partner with other events like Strikeforece, KOTC, MMA orgs to bring good match up.
10/31/07 7:21:37PM
All this is is a ploy to make more champions so they can better promote the fights.........has nothing to do with the fighters themselves......
10/31/07 8:33:44PM
i agree that this does not help to keep the fighter safe, but in reality, it's not adding more champions, as i doubt they will be keeping a 145 and 155 division while they make the new weight classes. this is actually like them having every standard weight class, he actually didnt make any new belts:

regular vs eliteXC
135 140
145 150
155 160
170 170....and so on.

my argument is invalid if he keeps the 145ers and 155ers, but it doesnt sound like that from the article.
11/1/07 7:25:25AM
I don't like it
11/1/07 7:30:03AM
But then they kept
170, 185, 205
a 15 and 20lb jump. Still gotta cut weight there.

IMO HW should be cut off at 250 and anything above that be SHW up to 300lbs then the weight class is called fatty-fatty.

I think that a 250 cut off for HW would be good b/c we wouldnt see guys who are 22ish fighting guys who are 265ish (cutting weight to get there too).
Looking at Tim Sylvia vs Brandon Vera you can see why. Massive size difference.
If we had a 250 cut off it would be more of the atheltic HW's. And for the really huge guys to make that weight cut ie Sylvia they would have to doo shitloads of cardio.
11/1/07 10:19:36AM
too many weight classes. 145-155-170-185-205-205+ is all thats needed
11/1/07 11:11:08AM

Posted by xxdeadpoolxx

too many weight classes. 145-155-170-185-205-205+ is all thats needed [/


so....basically guys that weigh less than 145 lbs just have to nut up and fight bigger guys??? and 205ers have to deal with heavyweights?
11/1/07 12:20:23PM
Yeah, I never really got the old weight classes. Sometimes there are 10-lb weight differences, sometimes 15-lb differences. Here is how the real weight classes should be:

140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 260, 260+
11/1/07 7:16:01PM
is it possible, since theres only a 20lb difference between all 3, for one outstanding fighter to take all 3? like i dont know if penn could cut that low.. but maybe someone like faber? It wouldnt be that hard to make weight if you had time to prepare for the fight
11/2/07 11:01:51AM
they need to put them all in equal increments (id say 15lbs) and make them standard for the bigger organizations. my friend was told to fight at 135, so he cut from 145, then they told him hed have to fight at 155 ON THE SAME DATE. some shit
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