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10/7/08 11:50:56PM
1) I was both saddened and glad that Shamrock wasn't able to fight. Some things are better left unknown and I really didn't want to see Shamrock eat canvas again. Also, Frank Shamrock, this was Saturday Night Fights, not Days of Our Lives or whatever. I felt it showed really poor taste in his diatribe against his brother's training decision and the "Shamrock Legacy". He didn't appear to concerned about that when he was clowning his way to getting his arm broken by Cung Le.
2) I completely understand the athletic commisions decision to pull him. So why wasn't the same concern for Thompson used when he came out with his quasi-Dumbo ear that just begged to be punched? After all, the fight was stopped as soon as it popped...but I guess equilibrium isn't important as long as you can see the punches coming at the 5lb. blood sausage dangling from the side of your head.
3) I thought the fight stoppage was rather quick given the amount of punishment Slice was allowed to take during the Thompson fight. Now I know that he tried to do a dazed TD on the ref, but would he have done the same in the Thompson fight if he wasn't on his back?
4) I think women's matches should be 5 minutes but on the same token, when it comes to women's MMA, I could take it or leave it. Honestly, I don't care for the WNBA either.
5) EliteXC needs to pay Jake Sheilds $500,000. You may be thinking, "Why?" I'll tell you why: So he can get the grill fixed. Christ almighty he should change his nickname to "Sharkmouth" because he has like 4 sets of teeth in there.
6) I'm glad that EliteXC or CBS pulled the plug on televising the "cheerleaders". If I wanted to watch a something like that, I'd just pop in some actual porn and be done with it.
7) Affliction: Enough with your clothing commercials. I will never ever never spend $65-80 on a T-shirt (unless it was delivered by a very nude Salma Hayek) that was made for $.15 by an 11 yr in Bangladesh or some other exploited workforce in another Third World country. Why didnt they use one or two of those Fedor Signature line commercials to promote, like I don't know, another Affliction event?
8) I hate when people boo at a fight going to the ground. I understand the perception that standing is more exciting but this is MMA and that perception is wrong. If you wanna watch people standing all the time, watch kickboxing. I know the common argument is that they are 'casual fans' but if I were to spend that kinda dough going to an event, I would surely want to understand wtf I was watching. I wouldn't go to a NASCAR event then boo because it's boring as hell, I mean because they're only going in one direction.
9) Ninja Rua looked really out of shape and kinda sloppy. Maybe a move to WW.
10) Nelson has some good skills for a big fat guy. His cardio held up alot longer than I thought it would. Kudos.

10/8/08 12:42:35AM
James Thompson's ear wasnt a cut and plus it was his ear. Not a cut on the eyebrow that could affect shamrock's vision, Plus thompson's ear hadnt been busted open untill the fight happened.

Also I think the women should fight 3x5min rounds and they should start with the cyborg vs gina match up or have that be a title fight 5x5.
10/8/08 1:08:57AM
I am a fan of woman's mma, i don't see what makes it any different from the men. They should fight the same amount of time... if the last fight would have had two minutes on to any of the three rounds we could have seen a potential finish.
10/8/08 2:41:27AM
I enjoy the women fights too, But to make it more legit, They should be fighting 5 minute rounds, And they should take their shirts of too

But seriously, You cant complain with the chick fights they are always good to watch. I wouldnt like an all women promotion but they way they are doing it now is great.
10/8/08 4:14:00PM

Posted by three_days_of_grey

I mean because they're only going in one direction.

I just emailed my brother and told him that is why I don't like his precious Nascar that he loves so much.
10/9/08 11:38:28AM
1- I actually wanted to see Shamrock eat canvas again, but not against Kimbo.


3- I think he was fine under Thompson and would not have tried to TD the ref.... BUT! I agree, I think it was stopped too quick. Looooove seeing Kimbo cut and dazed!

4- yep

5- hah




9- yep

10- To me Nelson gassed before I would imagine, seen that guy go through some wars.
10/14/08 11:49:44AM
all i can say is that durnin the first and second EliteXC shows on CBS..i have be way more impress with the womens more than the guys..they just seem to put on a better fight...
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