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6/6/08 4:13:34AM
Well, is it? 'Cause if it won't be added, I'd be shocked. I know EliteXC's last event was not the best and was full of controversy even with the successful ratings but still...Anyone know anything about this?
6/6/08 6:48:27AM
There would be some timing issues with wagers because the next event after that, DREAM 4, would have it's deadline very soon after EXC would be over, anywhere from a couple hours to as little as a couple minutes. We had a situation similar to that a few weeks ago and it caused a lot of headaches. And right now I only see 2 fights even worth talking about, the EXC LW Title fight and Nick Diaz in the main event. And they haven't even announced the full card beyond maybe 5 fights. So I would say thumbs down to adding it this time.
6/6/08 8:17:20AM
if it would mean no wagers for DREAM 4 then i say no dont add it, but they should easily be able to work out a system so we can wager on 2 events happening so close together
6/6/08 10:39:21AM
I suggested it to the admins so the balls in their court now. I for one would like to see it on there. I really don't see why it would affect the wagers for Dream, they've done something similar before with Sengoku or something if I'm not mistaken?
6/6/08 11:50:49AM
I really think a system should be thought out so that wagers can be placed on more than one event at a time. Even though the card doesn't look too strong, I'd still like to be able to make picks for the event. It's been done before so I don't see why it can't be done now.
6/8/08 1:39:40AM
Or atleast add the strikeforce event comin up. Melendez vs Thomson!
6/9/08 6:19:30PM


Champ KJ Noons vs. Yved Edwards (for EliteXC lightweight title)
Muhsin Corbbrey vs. Nick Diaz
Tony Bonello vs. Murilo "Ninja" Rua
Wayne Cole vs. Rafael Feijao
Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman

Kala Kolohe VS. Bubba McDaniel*
Mark Oshirovs. Chris Willems
Kaleo Kwan vs. Mike Aina
Chris Bernard vs. Lolohea Mahe
PJ Dean vs. Dean Lista

Russell Doane vs. Dwayne Haney
Carl Barton vs. Kepa Madeiros
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