EliteXC Fight May 31st- Carano vs. Young submission?

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6/1/08 4:00:30AM
In this article I just read it said that this is the 2nd time Young has lost and both by submission??? That doesn't sound right, I thought that while she was in the choke, she was saved by the bell and never tapped out and the ref/doc said she couldnt fight ne more cuz her eye swelled shut (which btw I didnt see it swelled SHUT although it WAS pretty swollen) so its a TKO...am I wrong?

heres the link:
6/1/08 8:56:23AM
It was a TKO. She was saved by the bell and the doctor stopped the fight between rounds due to a cut (I think). Anytime a fight ends by doctor stoppage it's officially scored as a TKO.
6/1/08 11:14:47AM
that left eye was busted up bad and im pretty sure thats why the fight was stopped. they showed her and then panned away and when they came back like 30 seconds later it had swollen up huge...
6/1/08 1:13:22PM
yeah thats wut i thought..so the articles wrong
6/1/08 1:27:01PM
She almost lost due to gogoplata. That would've been sick if Gina would've held on to it.
6/1/08 1:59:53PM
yeah I was totally waiting for her to pass out haha
6/1/08 3:23:45PM
i just couldnt belive NONE of the announcers recgonized the Gogoplata. Im sitting there with one of my buddies like "WOW SHES GOT A GOGOPLATA!!!"

he was very confused (very casual fan) and didnt understand what a gogoplata was, and its a shame i had to resort to explaining how she almost has it finshed. normally i let the announcers explain these finer points.

i thought for sure she had it finished.
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