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2/27/08 7:15:27PM
little bit more on topic posted earlier, mentions kimbo as a possible headliner

lets petition to see nick diaz on cable tv!
2/27/08 11:43:41PM
As a long time fan. This makes me pretty nervous. MMA has always been for me about watching the best fighters. As much as I don't care for Dana White. I do believe at his core he is still a fight fan. Gary Shaw on the other hand seems to be in it for other reasons. The guy really makes me cringe.

Things that Scare the hell out of me:

1) It really upsets me that Kimbo vs Tank was so successful on Elite's last card. I could only imagine that the future would hold more of these gems such as Kimbo vs Gannon 2 or Kimbo vs Butterbean. These would not only be fights that would be realistically happening, they would be main events. Casual viewers would leave thinking Kimbo is the toughest heavyweight in the world. This would be a huge injustice and a farce to real mma. We would be shutting out better fighters that have taken years to hone there skills.

2) The reffing of the last EliteXC was horrible. IT seemed that the refs were told to stand the fights up immediately. For example, Edwards vs Berto, the ref was telling the them to work as soon as the fight hit the floor, even though both fighers were working at a frenetic pace. Edwards was dropping nice strikes at one point and the fight got stood up in the middle of a punch. There were other times when fighters were getting stood up being in active side mount. It was just horrible. Are we wanting to watch real mma or kickboxing?

3) Freaking Bil Goldberg. Goldberg has got to be the worst announcer i have ever witnessed. Somebody needs to tell him to stop referencing profession acting (fake wresting) and treat mma like a real sport. At one point Goldberg points out that he didn't give a crap about traditional martial arts. What an absurd comment.

With elite getting on CBS. I think we are going to be missing out on a much better talent pool. We will however get treated to a fat guy running around the ring honing a awful jogging suit and his ever popular protege "scholar" adding contestant flavor with sayings such as "word up".
2/28/08 12:51:45AM
When you got guys like Diaz,Sheilds,Rua and Lawler. Why would you offer the people Kimbo for your first outing as your version of MMA?
2/28/08 12:54:27AM
Agreed. Those are pretty good fighters. I see shields as a possible top 5!
2/28/08 1:18:58AM
I noticed that as well during the Edwards/Berto fight, so much so that at point I actually yelled at the tv: "They ARE working!"

It is sad but true the Kimbo probably WOULD be offered up as a main event before the likes of Lawler and Diaz, mainly because with his Internet exposure and the hype being created around him with mere "casual" fans, he would probably be a bigger draw as far as ratings, which is a huge travesty. However, it seems that EliteXC is steered more towards the casual fan anyway, and they're in it for the money, so why would they care?
2/28/08 1:26:57AM
See your point. All organizations are in it for the money. Looks like some organizations are trying the pure approach of getting the best fighters. Other organizations are looking for the freak show. I might just be an optimistic guy, but I think the way of good fighters and great fights will prevail in the long run.
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