EliteXC Gets A Bit Rosi

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6/15/08 6:39:20PM
That's actually not a typo, but a reference to British female fighter Rosi Sexton, who has signed an exclusive 3-fight deal with EliteXC. She's scheduled to make her EXC debut this summer after an 8-1 career record so far, with the one loss coming against EXC's own Gina Carano.

6/15/08 8:45:33PM
Rosi Sexton vs Chris Cyborg

make it happen!
6/16/08 12:57:48AM
Have you read about this girl????
She has a frickin doctorate.

Educational qualifications:
PhD theoretical computer science (Manchester), 1st class math’s degree (Cambridge), currently studying for a degree in osteopathy.

You would think she would be smart enough to not want to trade punches for a living..
That is really cool though.

I am sorry, maybe you guys already knew this, I hadnt heard of her before.

6/16/08 6:29:37AM
In other words, she can win a fight with brains as well as brawn. That should make her one to watch given that has to give her an edge in the mental game.
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