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1/17/08 7:55:13AM
EliteXC: June 14 in Hawaii (Note: This event was originally scheduled for April 26 but was postponed to 6/14)
Venue: Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu
Main card airs on Showtime, most prelims will air on ProElite.com.

TV fights:
Nick Diaz vs. Muhsin Corbbrey

EliteXC Lightweight Champion KJ Noons vs. Yves Edwards for the title

Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman

Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello

Rafael Feijao vs. Wayne Cole

ProElite.com fights:
Kala Kolohe Hose vs. Bubba McDaniel (this fight will not air until after the conclusion of the Showtime fights)

Mark Oshiro vs. Chris Willems

Kaleo Kwan vs. Mike Aina

Lolohea Mahe vs. Chris Bernard

P.J. Dean vs. Dean Lista

Prelims (will not air):
Russell Doane vs. Dwayne Haney

Carl Barton vs. Kepa Madeiros
1/17/08 1:49:43PM
nick diaz is a descent fight no matter who but its almsot painfull to look ath the whole cards of EXC or WEC when theyre best fighters are jens pulver and frank shamrock (not taking anything away) but when theyre hyping up kimbo to the next level well they have a long way to go to get up to ufc level when ufc 79 beat any EXC, but i will still watch it
1/17/08 5:37:54PM
I watched all the EXC shows last year and think it's great.So far they look to be even better for this year.With all the orgs they've bought they should be able to have some solid cards.They may not be at UFC level as far as talent yet but with the growth of the sport,they could be within a few years.
2/20/08 3:28:03PM
2 big updates coming out for this card:
Muhsin Corbbrey has signed to face Nick Diaz on the event. Diaz is not yet confirmed for the card but word is he may be fully recovered from eye surgery in time for this event (had the surgery after the loss to KJ Noons). Speaking of Noons, a post on the American Top Team website confirms that ATT's Yves Edwards will challenge Noons for his EXC Lightweight (160) Title on this event.
2/21/08 11:20:07AM
can't wait elite xc is different but there bouts are just as exciting, have really great fighters in their stable, i hope they sign tito after he leaves the ufc
2/21/08 5:44:28PM
i really think Aina is gonna beat Alvarez
and Yves is going to annihilate KJ
2/22/08 11:39:36AM

Posted by BlazinSaddle

i really think Aina is gonna beat Alvarez
and Yves is going to annihilate KJ

I was thinking the exact same thing... I know Eddie likes to stand and bang, but I think he's going to take this one to the ground and ride out a decision... Iron Mike sure looked like he could thump in the Diaz fight...

Noons... has never impressed me too much... Yves has always been a fav of mine... While he might not possess the technical boxing style of KJ, he is slippery and creative and can cause problems for anyone on the feet... On the ground Yves outclasees Noons at every aspect...

Some pretty good fights lined up though

EDIT: I din't notice in his last fight on Elite, but is Alvarez still fighting at WW? Or has he moved to EXC"s 160lb division?
4/17/08 10:58:20AM
The card's starting to come together in the last day or so, 3 more fights set or getting there: Nick Diaz vs. Muhsin Corbbrey with the winner possibly getting an EliteXC Lightweight Title shot, LW Champ KJ Noons vs. Yves Edwards for the title, and (not confirmed but in all likelihood will happen this time) Jake Shields vs. Drew Fickett for the EliteXC Welterweight Title. Shaping up to be another good card, of course Diaz alone will be worth the price of admission.
4/17/08 12:46:37PM
I hope Yves destorys KJ.
4/17/08 10:43:17PM
Looks like it is shaping up to be a solid card. I like the matchups, and the fighters should put on a good show.
4/18/08 12:59:32AM
I hope this fight card doesnt change ten times a week before the fight
4/18/08 12:06:24PM
Yeah, but it happens sometimes. Just depends on whether or not it's out of their control.

Another rumored fight to add: Junkie reports that undefeated Heavyweight Dave Herman is expected to have his next fight on the show. No confirmed opponent but the current name being mentioned is Ron Waterman. Yes, the now-42 former UFC & PRIDE Ron Waterman (and one-time pro wrestler, I believe).
4/21/08 5:15:49PM

Posted by Smd277

its almsot painfull to look ath the whole cards of EXC or WEC when theyre best fighters are jens pulver and frank shamrock

Frank Shamrock is not EXC's best fighter.

Unless by best you mean, he draws the biggest crowds.
4/21/08 7:43:29PM
They should save a card this good for one of their CBS specials. I dont know why they are so determined to put Kimbo on their first card rather than their stars who are legitmately big names like Edwards, Fickett, Shields, Silva, and Diaz.
Maybe not the biggest names with casual fans but the only way to get them to know who they are is to put them out there.
5/2/08 7:06:07AM
More changes to the card, good and bad:
The bad: Shields vs. Fickett is off. Again. Fickett has suffered a knee injury. Shields is questionable to still be on the card-he may fight (they're talking now) but if he's not 100% recovered from his back injury they may hold off and save him for July (probably the second CBS event).

The good: A few more matches were confirmed by Gary Shaw-KJ Noons vs. Yves Edwards for the EXC Lightweight Title, Nick Diaz vs. Muhsin Corbbrey, Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello (I'm assuming Ninja will be recovered from his injury by then), Rafael Feijao vs. Wayne Cole, and Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman.
6/10/08 8:30:24AM
Full card is in first post. Won't be able to watch the main card as I don't get Showtime but will try and tune in for the prelims online. Interesting move not showing the Hose fight until after the TV card's done.
6/11/08 2:45:00PM
elite xc bringing disapointment to fans across the world.
6/12/08 12:44:18PM
in Hawaii? should be PRIDE rules plus elbows then like ICON has had before.
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