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9/15/07 10:41:36AM
Did anyone else notice for the main event, Ninja vs. Lawler, we were only able to pick between three rounds and not five? This fight is scheduled to go for five rounds, right? I am just curious and would like to know.
9/15/07 10:48:18AM
this not the first time that we have this problem, i have see this 2 or 3 time in the pass events .

9/15/07 10:50:01AM
Like your av Tuvok, not very logical though
9/15/07 11:55:27PM
I put my full 1000 on Aina knowing: he could hit hard, training with bj would give him decent td and bjj defense, and cause of diaz's layoff. Oh.. and the +900 spread. I got ripped off! noooooooo...

really tho, is this not reminscent of a strange decision not so long ago?
9/16/07 12:24:36AM
As controversial as some might think, Diaz won that fight pretty easily. Aina was sitting back looking for the big knockout, while Diaz just overwhelmed him by scoring jab after jab after jab, even though they didn't have a ton of mustard on them.

Fact is, scoring is by effective striking, grappling, Octagon Control, and defense

Aina won the first round, but did nothing but strike in the second, while Diaz picked him apart with jabs, then was able to take him down to a close submission at the end of the round. Aina's defense was horrible against the takedown, and I think that ultimately lost him the round.
9/16/07 12:29:05AM
i guess someone should put spoiler since we're talking results but there's no way nick didnt win at least 2 of those rounds, 1 being a tossup, 2 being for diaz a dominant round, a good take down, and a close sub attempt vs a knockdown where diaz was on one foot and was all a matter of balance. 3rd being complete domination by diaz
9/16/07 12:34:57AM
I had Diaz and Villasenor winning both those fights. Honestly, both were razor close in my opinion that if Aina and Fukuda had won them I wouldn't have complained about a bad decision.

This card was pure fireworks. I've never had such a good time staying home by myself on a Saturday night.
9/16/07 12:37:31AM

Man i was only good watch the Elite XC for the main event fight because Ruthless is one of my favorite fighters but i can honestly say that was a great night of fights. There wasn't a single moment in any fight that was boaring. And Ruthless was masterful in hid defeat. One of the only things the Elite XC announce team got right was about Robbie spinning a web. Congratulations to the ICON sport middleweight champion and the new Elite XC Middleweight Champion "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler. I was also happy to finally see the debut of Matt Hughes' new Team the H.I.T. (Hughes intensive training) squad. I can't wait to see more of it.
9/16/07 12:43:55AM
holy shit robbie lawler is a badddddddddd man

i thought those leg kicks might of been a problem since that fight with pete spratt but he looked excellent.

i really am regretting betting my money on ninja

that mike aina gave diaz a hell of a fight, but i had it going to diaz 29-28
9/16/07 12:48:08AM
oh yeah the villasenor, fukada fight was either way, but you cant be influenced by the announcers so much in the diaz fight, you have to remember that they are often looking at it from one angle where it looks like aina's punches are landing when really there not while diaz is just picking him apart. I dont see why they were so pro-aina in that fight
9/16/07 12:58:50AM
man wut a great night card 3 great fights and a little dose of gina carano doesnt hurt. Fukada really impressed me, i thought he won the decision but it wus close and i have no problem with villasenor getting it, diaz looked bad but still managed to be very crisp with his striking although slow and no power. Lawler is a complete stud and only 25 his standup has improved so drastically technically and now he has solid boxing skills to go with insane power and wut appeared to be good wreslting. I really hope that the ufc signs him or elite xc brings in sum good mw but with kang signing with k1 there isnt many left. I really hope to see fukada in the future he looks like he has the potential to be a very gud fighter and cant wait for the rumoured shamrock lawler fight for title unification
9/16/07 3:30:59AM
i cant remember a ufc card with that amount of good fights im impressed. ninja was jacked up i can remember a fighter having to be taken out of the ring like that he was barely walking, lawler is a monster.
9/16/07 3:34:32AM
Lawler just looked amazing tonight. He looked composed did not fatigue at all. The leg kicks looked like they were more annoying him than anything. He started to pad the leg kicks and counter with his own body kicks or combos. All in all Rua looked horrible in this fight. Lawler looked like he could have turned up the heat in the 2nd round and took Rua to the cleaners.

Elite XC needs to bring in some real fighters to take the belt away or its not going anywere for a long long LONG time. After his 4 fight contract is up I would expect the UFC to be knocking on Lawlers door soon with a hefty contract.
9/16/07 3:56:24AM
Lawler proved me wrong tonight.

Aina took the fight to Diaz!! it was absolutely unbelievable. I didnt know at all who would get the decision after the 3 rounds. Shields looked good and i thought Fukuda won the fight with Villasenor
9/16/07 12:34:54PM
i think aina/diaz fight was close, i wouldnt complain about it so much if i didnt loose my full 1000 on it haha, but to say that diaz was picking him apart with the jabs is a bit much, those jabs might as well have been open handed slaps. I respect the strategy that he was apparently using, guaging reaction and then timing a bigger punch, but that punch never came. With all three rounds, damage inflicted definately goes to Aina. I'd say that octagon control goes to diaz in the 2nd and 3rd because he got the takedown and controlled on the back, but what did he do from the back? some fighters dont mind giving up their back cause it sure beats the mount if they can competently defend the rear naked choke. I think the 2nd should've gone to Aina because scoring a knockdown (he said it himself that he was knocked down), and marking up diaz's face with those power punches and avoiding all but one takedown > a whole bunch of powerless jabs, 1 td, 1 attempted submission
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