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2/16/08 11:51:35PM

Brutal KO by Kimbo, Tank fell flat on his face after Kimbo clocked him.
2/16/08 11:54:57PM
suhhhweet, that puts me at 7-3 for the night.
not bad for the season ender.
ppllllllease make top ten for total season....
*cross's fingers*
2/16/08 11:55:58PM
7-2 yeaahhhh
2/16/08 11:57:52PM
I think Kimbo dropped his mouthpiece during the timeout, and threw his mouthpiece in the crowd and wanted to fight!

Kimbo f*cking crushed him, it was pretty damn vicious. Tank even wanted to touch gloves after the timeout

Too bad.. I wanted Tank to win.

2/17/08 12:05:27AM
Kimbo looked good, fast hands..nice movement, and he must hit with a ton of power....he dropped tank 3 times in that fight. (45 sec.)
2/17/08 12:26:43AM
BIg Foot was a little disappointing to me, considering a lot of people are calling him the future of the heavy weight division. But he still is a great fighter, I feel it was a combination of Ricco being better than a lot of people were thinking he was gonna be (most people thought he was washed up) and Big Foot tore his MCL two weeks prior to the fight, which is serious considering he is a great standup fighter who uses mobility. The UFC needs Big Foot and he needs them to get some real competition, even though the heavyweight division will soon seem very weak in most people's eyes (with Couture and CC gone and AA and Big Tim maybe on their way out) it would be a step up in talent for him.

Now lets talk KIMBO, I have been a supporter of Kimbo competiting MMA ever since I learned that he was being trained by Bas Rutten. I mean I saw all of Kimbo's street fighting videos, even before most people because I lived in Miami for awhile and a good friend of his used to sell DVDs of his fights out of a flea market down there. I even met Kimbo once at that very flea market. Everyone knew he was a street fighter with awesome power, but with Bas Rutten teaching him Jiu-Jitsu, take down defense (good enough to stop Tank from taking him down and Tank is a good wrestler by the way), and every other aspect of the game Kimbo is dangerous. The only thing that worries me is Kimbo age and only because Bas had to basically start from scratch with him and you need at LEAST 4 to 5 years (may get blasted for that statement because I know most top MMA fighters have been at it a lot longer, but in certain athletes cases, especially a fighter in any kind of form it could be possible) in of intense training to fight at a competitive level with TOP athletes of the sport. Kimbo needs to just continually step it up when it comes to his oppenents. If Kimbo stays focused and surrounds himself with the right people like Bas watch out, because that guy is something serious.
2/17/08 1:00:16AM
Heres the Kimbo vid, if you didn't see it posted in the other forum

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