Elite showtime promo show. B. Vera on the show

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1/27/07 3:43:20AM
Not a bad promo. I noticed Brandon Vera in the KJ Noons part. I think this gives more credence to the Vera leaving UFC stuff. The fact that he's helping promote a UFC rival on TV seems to point to him being on the outs with Dana. That being said, I think it might be a pretty good card.
1/27/07 4:33:09AM
yeah i saw that too, crazy horse is one crazy motha$#@#%er
1/28/07 2:33:48PM
I think it was a bad decision for Vera to not take what the ufc offered him because he was getting a title shot and once he wins the belt he would be making big money, instead he chose to hold out for big money and now hess left and every one has forget about him now that cro cop is in the ufc and couture is back. The bad thing is that vera leaving means that we have to see couture as the champ for a few more mounths.