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6/1/08 2:40:56AM
Thats a hell of a parlay there! I'm rocking a cool $320 into the next event. Thats what I get for putting my chips on Katlin Young. At least she fought a good fight, so I can't be too mad about it.
6/1/08 2:48:16AM
I think Kimbo was exposed; HIS HANDS ARE NOT THAT GOOD IMO
6/1/08 3:03:04AM
I think Kimbo is in trouble when he fights a more well rounded fighter. I just wonder if Gary Shaw will give him someone who is considered a stand up guy, or if he will indeed give Kimbo a well rounded fighter. I think that EliteXC are gonna be real careful who they put in there next. It wouldn't suprise me if Kimbo somehow is injured and out of action for a while, so he can get his game a little more complete. As of now Antonio Silva would beat Kimbo pretty quickly in my opinion.
6/1/08 11:04:05AM
Nice parlay there 89vision, too bad you couldn't have also picked them right. That would have been more bad ass.
6/1/08 11:22:15AM
I didnt get to watch the Kimbo vs. JT fight because my TiVo didnt record past the 2 hour broadcast!! But I watched it today and was fairly impressed with Kimbo on the ground in the 1st round believe it or not, however I believe he used too much energy in that opening round. Does he need more work? Of course, he's had 3 fights. Man JT put up helluva fight though, a lot of people said it should have been stopped in the 2nd round (It very well might have IMO if JT was putting more power in those punches, I think they were just more annoying than painful).
Horrible stoppage in the 3rd round too, sure he was wobbly and might have been out within the next punch, but he could have gone down for the takedown again. A bit iffy on the stoppage, but since I guess it was on "network TV" that might have took extra precautions.. which to me is bull****. Egh...

6/1/08 1:24:33PM

Posted by wolfman

Posted by Copenhagen

I'm really not into the whole watching two girls fight thing. I can't find myself getting into it like watching two guys beat each other up. I hope UFC never catches on to this.

Couldn't disagree with you anymore. I loved watching them fight and would like to see them in the UFC, but everyone has different opinions. Awesome fight!!!

I enjoyed the fight between the women more than the other fights because not only are they sexy, but I wish I could get Gina in the full mount myself! What's more sexy than watchign two chicks kick each others @$$!!!

I'd love to see an all womens fight league...yep yep!
6/1/08 1:29:57PM

Posted by Copenhagen

BULLSHIT! They don't call the fight when Kimbo doesn't defend himself for 2 min. Yet they call the fight while JT is standing!

EXACTLY...and they even made Thompson stand up once and let Kimbo up...then, Thompson reins down 40 unanswered punches, regardless if they were hurting kimbo, he WAS NOT intelligently defending himself while in a crucifix, and the ref let it go... then when thompson gets hit twice, the ref steps in

In MY opinion, it was OBVIOUS that the eliteex wanted kimbo ti win, and made sure that he did.. I call BS< and I doubt I'll even watch elitexc ever again... TOO obvious that they didn't want their star to lose... FAIL!
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