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6/1/08 2:59:17AM

Posted by Copenhagen

I don't recommend anyone reading this, I just feel like complaining.

So, Kimbo doesn't defend himself for 2 minutes straight, but the fight goes on. Then the minute the ref got a chance to stop the fight against JT, BAM. I don't even think favoritism is the word for this.

6/1/08 3:15:44AM

Posted by imanidiot777

Posted by 89vision

i dont think it was the ref, dan is usually a good ref in the UFC it seemed EliteXC were cautious tonight, stopping fights when they didnt have to, the Carano fight, the Lawler fight, and the Kimbo fight, too bad for them only 1 of those fight ended in cheers and not boo's, overall not a good showing but hopefully primetime mma dosnt die

i wasnt a fan of James before this fight always seeing him as a reckless fighter with a weak chin but either way James' performance tonight has made a fan out of me, if he would have won that would have restarted his career for sure, i think this is why he never hit the canvas, also it showed Kimbo is still an infant in mma and better hope for another standup fight like Tank

Yeah, if Kimbo fights anyone that can last longer than 2 rounds he will gas out, and if he fights a BJJ guy he's done, I'm starting to think he's not even that good on his feet.

Finally some one else see's it ..............Thank you I thought I was the only one.
6/1/08 3:21:38AM
Wow kimbo really got exposed in this fight. In every possible way. Not just his groundgame, his cardio and his standup were also pretty sub-par. James Thompson is a fun fighter to watch don't get me wrong, but if that dude can give you that much problem on the ground you're never beating anyone who is remotely good at jiu-jitsu and can take a hit.

There was like a minute long period where Thompson was in Kimbo's OPEN half guard and made absolutely no attempt to mount. We're talking early in the fight where gassing isn't an excuse, that's just lack of groundgame. So if someone who doesn't even know enough to capitalize on the fact that you're leaving your half-guard wide open is beating you on the ground you know you've got a hell of a lot of work to do.

It's funny that the women's fight was the best of the night. (barring lawler and smith, but that fight sort of got ruined before it ran its course.)
6/1/08 4:43:00AM
Do you know what is really scary. Apparently one of the judges scored the second round 10-9 Kimbo. Thank god the fight didn't goto decision. Here is the link:;_ylt=AkrRdEBlJXZP2c7e7XuyvSxWEo14?slug=dd-kimbo060108&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
6/1/08 5:27:37AM

Posted by gartface

Posted by 89vision

Posted by emfleek

Posted by candynuts

Damnit, I Tivo'd it since I was not going to be able to watch it on time and it recorded just at the finish of the Lawler vs. Smith fight (which was badass btw, unfortunately witn an anti-climatic finish)
So I was not able to watch the Kimbo vs. JT fight!!! Which pissed me off to nooo end! ****!!!!! Well, from what I hear both gassed and Thompson was controlling him on the ground for 2 rounds then Kimbo comes back and TKO's him in the 3rd... Hopefully a video is up soon.

Damn I wish Smith wouldnt have gotten that injury because that was a war!

I knew right away that they would get all 5 fights in the 2 hour time slot. Too much over-production.

yeah wtf was there problem? 10 min. commercials and over-talking and over analyzing the fights before they happened, like half of the ppl watching know anything except that Kimbo is on the card

I think the over production and over analyzing was a good thing, because it helped non MMA fans and newcomers start to understand a lot of things. I agree it took away from the show as far as we're concerned, but it was a good move on their part.

And for JT being stopped early, the only reason he wasn't "knocked out" is because he fell onto the cage. Watch that uppercut hit and watch his eyes roll back in his head until he's awoken by another punch.

your probably right about the noobs part, and actually james was out on his feet eyes in the back of his head at least 4 or 5 times
6/1/08 6:55:21AM
It just shows what would happen to Kimbo in a legit company
6/1/08 7:16:18AM

Posted by decken

Do you know what is really scary. Apparently one of the judges scored the second round 10-9 Kimbo. Thank god the fight didn't goto decision. Here is the link:;_ylt=AkrRdEBlJXZP2c7e7XuyvSxWEo14?slug=dd-kimbo060108&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

ARE YOU SERIOUS? This was so rigged up for him to win, Dana White is right, BJ Penn would kick his butt.
6/1/08 11:09:10AM
Well the thing that sucks is the show ran longer than it was slotted for so my DVR cut of the end of the Kimbo fight. But I guess I would have been more disapointed to miss the end if they didnt give Kimbo another fight.

Funny thing I was watching HDnet the other day and they had Kimbo, Frank Shamrock and the I think it was the co-founder of elite.
But Frank was sounding off about how Kimbo is the face of the company. He was saying like how he had been around as long as he has and worked as hard as he has and then some guy made popular by YouTube gets to be the face of the company.

It was funny watching Frank try to control himself.

6/1/08 1:37:36PM
did anyone else feel that this fight was just proving Kimbo cant live up to the hype. He couldnt KO Thompson, a guy who has a very suspect chin, after landing lots of shots. While guys like Aleksander can hit him a few times and put him to sleep. It just seems like his only strength in this sport is his power and chin and they seem to be "exposed" in this fight. JT landed some stiff jabs and that was enough to back Kimbo off for a few seconds. Put kimbo up against Big Foot and let the domination begin.
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