Elite XC well represented at Dream 3

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5/11/08 11:33:16PM
with Nick Diaz's dominate performance and Alverez's battle with Hansen, Elite XC probably attracted some international fans for there up coming shows. I can't wait to see more talent exchanges between these two promotions, both of them will benifit and give fighters a two top notch alternatives too the UFC.
5/12/08 2:11:03AM
I think those fighters got some international fans, not Elite XC
5/12/08 7:10:39AM
If talent exchanges lead to better cards like DREAM.3 the UFC could be in trouble.

Like how inter-league play in baseball increases excitement & revenues regardless of how good the teams are.

Or god forbid I compare the the UFC to Nazi's slowly branching out trying to take over the world. It won't be one country that takes them down it'll be several organizations sharing talent putting on better shows in various formats.
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