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6/1/08 7:12:23AM
Controversy — a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.

Is there a better word to describe Elite XC’s “Saturday Night Fights”?

Let’s forget for a moment about the Scott Smith stoppage and the Kaitlin Young stoppage and let’s focus for now on the Kimbo Slice stoppage of James Thompson.

First let me say this: What kind of success would Elite XC be expecting to have heading into the future if its “franchise” — Kimbo Slice — were to lose to a hand-picked opponent and get exposed as nothing more than a street fighter with no real MMA skills?

Probably not too much.

6/1/08 7:20:43AM
EliteXC puts on such a bad show, every fight was stopped badly, Kimbo is not even that good and Lawler's title fight wasn't the main event somehow, I know Gary Shaw likes to call Dana White all sorts of names but at least the UFC puts on a show that doesn't look more like WWE and doesn't try to make a fighter like Kimbo Slice win. Yeah, they signed Brock Lesnar because of his name, but they through him right in there against someone good and he lost.
6/1/08 8:49:09AM
Well after watching this CRAP that might ruin a great sport, I know now that Kimbo will not be able to fight any one who is any kind of fighter. I probably won't watch Elite XC again. Except to see Smith and Lawler. And the girl fight was probably the best of the night. Thats just my opinion.
6/1/08 8:53:59AM
I thought every fight was pretty good.Lawler and smith had the best,followed by Carrano and Young,then I would say Smokin Joe and Baroni.

Every fight had merit to it.Though putting Kimbo and JT in the main event was a terrible decision.With their lackluster performance the undercard might have been more suitable.Okay that is very harsh of me to say,but let's face it,Smith and Lawler deserved to be the main event and put on one hell of a show.
6/1/08 10:54:36AM
The card was solid. Better than most PPV cards I shell out for. I loved that I could save my money and still watch solid MMA.

Kimbo himself is more entertainer than top 10 heavyweight. He'll be what he is--entertaining and a threat to KO someone. At his age, he might be too old to get the top skills from his ground game. YOu never know though, with time he could be stronger...feed him strikers for 3 years and do nothing but train grappling for that same time and he might have something. He's a good athlete.
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