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6/1/08 12:36:03PM
In regards to quick stoppages: I think that since this was the first prime time MMA event on a major network, the order was issued to rule on the side of caution as I'm sure that far beyond the casual fan, people who stood to gain from this event and those with axes to grind were following the events closely as well.
Mauro Renallo's denial of Kimbo Hype: I don't know if you caught this statement trying to disprove the claim that Kimbo is the child of a marketing machine. However, Kimbo is the product of marketing and hype. It is Kimbo's fault? NO. Should he be hated for taking advantage of a situation that others are placing him in? NO. Kimbo doesnt release press information, he isn't the editor of news publications, nor is he an executive at ESPN. I can only hope for his sake that he doesn't buy into the hype and remains humbled or the fall will be alot further/harder and that could be the comparison to Mike Tyson that he doesn't want.
I did find it amusing that Frank Shamrock was selected to go over the rules since he typically has points deducted from him for illegal strikes. I hope they won't go through that spiel before every event on CBS. Also the claim that "this isnt streetfighting" yet a major advertiser was a "Streetfighter" video game, tickled me funny.
I think 3x3 minute rounds for females is sexist. Give them 5 minutes.
I hope that the numbers are good for this event because then other networks will be scrambling to sign other promotions, one of which should be the UFC, and that will give them the advantage in negotiations for running the production in-house.
Where was Quadros???
I personally didn't care for the fireworks and hoopla production, but hey, to each thier own. I didn't have to watch as there wasnt a gun to my head, so I can't gripe. I sincerely doubt I will watch another live event: DVR all the way to plow through the commericals. There are people in charge of the event now who don't care about MMA, but going to the bank and research may have shown that's what the people in that demographic want.
Baroni needs to pull his head from his New York Bad Ass and try a different approach to brawling. The guy is very athletic and could make the improvements in skill-set that Lawler has made. However, I think his whole attitude will have to change as well.
Kimbo/Thompson: The fight wasnt fixed. Kimbo's not being spoon-fed opponents. That was only his third sanctioned fight, who is he supposed to fight? See my first comment again.

6/1/08 1:00:01PM
Haha, I also laughed when Frank Shamrock was discussing the rules. They even showed a clip of him kneeing Renzo Gracie for the knees to the head portion.
6/1/08 1:17:48PM
um those were the worst takedown atempts ever what the hell is Bas teaching Kimbo
6/1/08 2:11:31PM
Overall, I thought the event was run very poorly. The down time between fights was unacceptable, and if it made me flip through channels I can only imagine what the casual fan was doing. Running about an hour over schedule is no way to make the CBS brass happy, and I think that if the EXC wants to remain on primetime they need to figure out how to run the show smoothly and efficiently.

I thought the first fight was alright, although I'd have rather seen the first fight on network tv be a fight between two less fat/ more skilled combatants.

Baroni/ Villasignor was a decent enough fight. Baroni showed that he was all flash and no substance with his WWE style entrance. I didn't really like the pro wrestling aspects of the show as a whole.

Carano/Young was an entertaining fight to me. Carano looked in control the whole bout to me although Young did have some nice trades. It upset me when none of the announcers recognized the gogo attempt. In the end this was probably the fight of the night.

Lawler/ Smith was also very entertaining while it lasted. The crowd should be ashamed of themselves for booing what was just the beginning of a five round match in which after an early explosion by Lawler, both fighters gave and took punishment. In the end Smith should have kept his mouth shut about his eye if he wanted to continue, and the docs should allow the fighter their five minutes. Horrible stoppage, and those docs shoulodn't work in MMA again.

Finally, we come to Kimbo/JT. For a fight where both fighters don't have the most polished skills, I was entertained. I had JT winning the first two rounds, but I thought Kimbo kept it competitive with his striking. JT wasted a perfect finishing position by not throwing any strike of substance in the crucifix position. Kimbo was not hurt during that time and I think it was right not to call it. I agree with everyone that the fight was stopped prematurely. I think JT was on his way to sleep, but it should have been allowed to continue a little longer. The ear was not a danger to either fighter and should of had nothing to do with the stoppage. That said, I have seen worse stoppages. When JT gets rocked he gets a look on his face like he just ate way to much ecstasy and is about to OD. If a boxer had that look, they'd give him a standing eight count. Since there is no standing eight count, I can see where a ref might make the decision to stop the fight. I don't agree with it, but I've seen worse.

Overall I give it a grade of D... not a complete fail, but nothing to be proud of.
6/1/08 4:03:27PM
I'm almost always critical of the UFC and how they handle their business but if this is the competition they have nothing to worry about. The UFC will be the top dog for a long time.
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