Elite XC fight, Saturday on CBS? Totally forgot...

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7/22/08 3:25:44PM
Anyone else remember that the Elite XC fight is on CBS this weekend? I totally forgot:

Scott Smith (+180) vs. Robbie Lawler (-220)
Thomas Denny (+450) vs. Nick Diaz (-600)
Nick Thompson (+320) vs. Jake Shields (-400)
Christiane Cyborg (+125) vs. Shayna Baszler (-155)
Justin Eilers (+400) vs. Antonio Silva (-550)
Travis Galbraith (+275) vs. Rafael Feijao (-345)
Brian Caraway (+140) vs. Wilson Reis (-170)

CagePotato is dead on with this one. They point out that between UFC, Affliction and Dream, MMA fans have been a bit spoiled and might not be flocking to watching the Elite XC fight.

There are a few fights I want to catch but I doubt I will be staying in on Saturday night to watch them.

What do you guys think? Will Elite XC see horrible ratings?
7/22/08 3:27:29PM
this sat.? lol i forgot
7/22/08 4:14:20PM
How can i forget? UFC is counter programing with UFC 84 on spike Tv.

Not a bad card elite put on.
7/22/08 4:18:20PM
I didnt forget. Lawler/Smith 2 and no kimbo. Yayy!
7/22/08 5:12:05PM
The Lawler/Smith rematch should be great, but I wish they had found better opponents for both Nick Diaz and Antonio Silva.

Either way I'll watch, but the card had a lot more potential.
7/22/08 10:42:50PM
Yeah, I agree kind of. I did skip my mind until Sunday night. Then I was like "Oh yeah! More free MMA on TV next weekend!" Bring it! This is a solid card.
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