elite xc.diaz beats aida

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9/15/07 11:40:17PM
very close fight.split decision,i thought aida was gonna get it.if you missed it,you missed out.
9/15/07 11:44:14PM
nice job diaz, i did miss this fight thanks for postin this
9/16/07 12:27:21AM
Diaz won via split decision, and I think it was the right call. Diaz threw so many more jabs than Aina in the second round, plus he was able to exploit Aina's horrible takedown defense and almost submit him.

Quadros kept saying the judges were only looking at the end of the round, but honestly, that's a pretty dumb judgement by such a revered MMA commentator, I kind of lost respect a bit for Quadros.

Diaz not only threw way more jabs, but they were landing, as where Aina was just sitting back and trying to land the huge shot. Just stupid. If Aina would have thrown a bit more, he may have won, but he didn't gain anything by basically giving up the worst takedown attempt ever to Diaz, and then almost getting submitted by giving his back up immediately. Aina had nothing but striking.
9/16/07 1:01:02AM
aida landed a few big shots,and diaz landed many jabs,though they were weak set up combo's that never resulted in a big shot.aida was never rocked,diaz was.it was the right call,i think diaz won,by a tight margin.i think we'll see more of aida.
9/16/07 1:33:25PM
nice to see both fighter did good on this fight, i didnt get to see the fight,i would have thought if diaz got his back he would have sub. him, crazy. im need to look this fight up and watch it
9/17/07 3:09:56AM
I dont know what the big deal was with Aina....yea he was there to brawl,but I still had Nick winning every single round!

that second one was the closest,but the only thing Aina did was drop Nick with 1 shot.but Nick pulled guard,and quickly got up and continued to be aggressive as if the knockdown didnt even affect him 1 bit,and he went off to dominate the rest of the round,and even got Aina down and took his back and laid more ass whoopin his way.

Nick Diaz + A boring fight = Impossible!

Did you all see Aina's face after that fight?? Now THATS an "ass whoopin" if i have ever seen one....Imagine what his thighs look like
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