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6/22/07 10:19:28PM
That was quick

Edson Berto submits Joe Boxer with a Heel Hook 37 seconds into the 1st round
6/22/07 10:37:29PM
1st round between Paul Buentello and Carter Williams was anti-climatic. A lot of clinching. A few punches thrown. williams had two takedowns but could do nothing with it

Buentello TKO's Williams 10 seconds into the 2nd round with a uppercut.
6/22/07 10:41:31PM

Posted by zephead

That was quick

Edson Berto submits Joe Boxer with a Heel Hook 37 seconds into the 1st round

Joe Boxer, what a name.....
6/22/07 10:59:12PM
Ninja Rua TKO's Joey Villesnor in the 2nd round. Very sloppy fight. Joey rocks Ninja in the 1st round but couldn't do nothing with it. Ninja comes out in the second round and being Chute Boxe, goes nuts. Ninja wins the first Elite XC belt.
6/22/07 11:16:19PM
Josh Thompson submits Nick Gonzalez in the 1st round by rear-naked choke. 1:45 in. Josh completely dominated the fight
6/22/07 11:35:58PM
Cung Le is putting a clinic on in the 1st round against Tony Fryklund. Every kick, every punch lnads. Front axe kicks. Spining kicks. Spinning back fists. A very techinical striker.

2nd round a little slower. Tony is showing how tough he is.

3rd round Cung Le wins 15 seconds in by TKO. A body kick sends Tony down and then Dean steps in
6/22/07 11:44:16PM
Seems like herb had the order... If frykland hits the ground, its over... lol
6/23/07 12:05:15AM
Frank beat the crap out of Baroni in the 1st round. Taunting him. Talkin smack. Frank did lose a point for hitting in the back of the head.

The 2nd round was a war. Straight up street fight. Both were landing big blows. Crowd going nuts. Frank chokes out Baroni 4 minutes into the 2nd round. Great fight
6/23/07 12:27:27AM
Swing bout tonight is Duane Ludwig vs. Paul Daley, a Cage Rage champion. The first round was a feeling out process. Alot of clinching. Both are Muay Tia fighters.

In the 2nd round they came out swinging. Daley drops and TKO's Ludwig 25 seconds into the 2nd round. A nasty right.

A pretty good fight card tonight. Crowd was really into it. 2 belts won tonight. Shamrock and Ninja
6/23/07 12:46:39AM
Badass PPV, guess Baroni pulled his groin 30seconds into the fight. Still I am so suprised how well Frank fought.
6/23/07 9:02:40AM
Frank put a clinic on Baroni is the 1st round. That surprised me. I can beleive that Baroni did tear his groin. He was flatfooted. But he did show how tough he is. He took a beating.

I agree, very good PPV. Gary Shaw did a great job last night.
6/23/07 9:03:07AM
Some Gif's i found on photobucket.

Illegal blows to the back of the head...


Shamrock telling Baroni it's time for sleep

The KO
6/23/07 9:09:01AM
Ninja Rua KO on Villasenor

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