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POLL: Elite XC Show Scale 1-10
10 0% (0)
8-9 57% (16)
6-7 29% (8)
4-5 7% (2)
3 or less 0% (0)
If it wasn't for Diaz and Lawler, EXC would be done 7% (2)
7/27/08 3:27:38AM
Personally, I think that was the best EXC show I have seen to date. What do ya'll rate it? I give it an 8
7/27/08 9:01:38AM
8.5. No controversy, 4 solid fights, the funniest false finish ever in MMA, only complaints were only 4 fights and not 5 and Gus Johnson sucked as the post-fight interview guy. He kept trying to cut off the guys during their shoutouts (most notably Diaz) I was like "Enough already, Gus! Let the guys finish!" The ratings won't reflect it but this was a solid all-around show. Oh, and bonus points for showing Gina close-ups a couple times early on. She looked great as always.
7/27/08 9:19:54AM
I thought the show was entertaining from top to bottom(including Shotime fights), Every fight was good, some nice TKO's and KO's. Disapointed because I lost every fight maincard fight but the Diaz Fight(which I predicted perfectly), and in total I won just 4 fight(I also predicted the Hot Bout Perfectly), but all that aside the fights were great, I give the show an 8.
7/27/08 12:40:38PM
Definetely the best elite xc so far i gave it a 9, i was entertained by all the fights.
7/27/08 12:43:14PM
just watched the fights this morning...i give it a 7. it may have been the best Elite XC show but is that really saying much? it wasn't as good as the Dream or the Affliction cards last weekend so i give it a 7.
7/27/08 1:29:15PM
way better then there last show on cbs , last time i thought i was watching a wwe event with those intro's
7/27/08 2:45:34PM
8, solid fights, good show, enjoyed it .
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