Will Elite XC/K-1 Dynamite set a new trend in American MMA?

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5/11/07 12:24:36PM
On June 2nd, the much publicized alliance involving Elite XC, K-1, Strikeforce, Icon Sport, and Cage Rage will put on its first card in the 90,000+ capacity Los Angeles Coliseum. "The only way to grow this sport is to join forces and work with others so there can be a true champion," says Gary Shaw, President of Live Events for Elite XC. "When someone is in either the ring or the cage and they hold up a belt, they can say, ‘I’m a world champion,’" continued Mr. Shaw, "It wasn’t just staged from within. It’s inclusive, not exclusive."

Elite XC, as well as the rest of the alliance, seem to be taking a much different approach to Mixed Martial Arts than that of UFC and Zuffa, Inc. While the UFC is very careful and particular about building up potential superstars and spreading money making matches out over many cards, Elite XC almost seems to be putting on events with reckless abandon. The June 2nd event will feature twelve fights, most of which will be televised either on Showtime or Pay Per View.

5/11/07 4:54:54PM
They can call themselves true champions all they want, but the fact is that best figters are in Pride/UFC.
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