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9/16/07 9:43:31AM
The refs took too long to stop the fights last night. Ninja was clearly done before he absorbed six more shots from Lawler. One would think Steve and Mario would carry some of their class from the ufc to exc, but I guess not. exc needs to clean up its act.

9/16/07 9:51:05AM
Matt Hughes got in Mario Yamasaki's face because of the late stoppage in the Ninja/Lawler fight, even though his guy won.
9/16/07 1:38:31PM
nice to see that tho
9/16/07 3:35:56PM
Hughes did that not because he cared about Rua but because it seemed like the ref was giving him an unfair advantage.

I can understand why the refs would do that because how many times have people got mad that they stopped it early? This way there's no doubt.
9/16/07 7:38:08PM
it wasnt that bad.its not like he was unconciuos or something.plus,alot of those shots werent landing that flush.he was fine
9/16/07 8:38:47PM
At the one angle it looks like Lawler is blasting him but the replay showes most of those Bombs didn't connect . He waited till ninja took a bad punch while down then stopped it. I have to admit while first watching it I was wondering why it was going so long but once I saw the replay it was fine.
9/16/07 10:36:29PM
i mean,look at lawlers last fight against trigg,frank was clearly out ,sitting in the corner unconcious,and took two more shots from rob.that was bad.
9/17/07 5:11:37PM
Dose anyone have the link to that Trigg Lawler fight?
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