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5/31/12 5:23:25PM
Africa's premier MMA production EFC Africa will be hosting EFC 14 tomorrow night in Johannesburg, South Africa. The stacked fight card will host 2 title fights and feature 5 champions (Current and past).

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5/31/12 6:28:49PM
I'm definitely curious about purchasing the event, but the EFC Africa official site had several different packages available, and their prices were listed in a currency I am unfamiliar" with. Granted I am sure I could look up South African currency (and Carnival City, JHB) and figure the price through conversion rates. However I still wouldn't have that kind of currency in my bank account. Do you know what the process for North American (specifically USA) purchases is?
5/31/12 6:32:58PM
i used to not mind working Fridays bc of no mma but Fridays are going to be very busy mma days this summer. im going to miss a lot
6/1/12 12:18:45AM
I wish HD Net could have this card.
6/1/12 11:01:41AM
ECF puts on great shows, I encourage anyone to check out the first two fights live for free at http://shop.efcafrica.com/vault/efc%20livestream.aspx in about 30-40 minutes, as well as the OP's blog.

pmoney, probably too late to answer your question, but the full PPV is R195 which converts to about $23. It starts in under an hour.

Paypal converts the currency for you, same as when I purchase all the KSW cards for however many Polish Plotsky's they cost and they take about $3.50 from my bank account.
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