EFC Africa 07 - Not what you'd think.

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2/4/11 5:28:42AM
Hey playmates, thought i'd give a little input from the good 'ol South Africa.

EFC Africa youtube

It's an EXTREMELY rapidly growing sport in south africa, especially among the boxers and grapplers, so we're still in the developmental stage where most guys do not have a full game.
BUT as you know, any MMA is good to watch, and going to one of these shows is AMAZING. The atmosphere is utterly awesome and I'll hopefully be following this up with some more fights.

Thanks and let me know what you think of SA's MMA future
2/7/11 11:44:28PM
This looks pretty cool, thanks for posting! However, I don't know how I feel about being called a playmate...
2/12/11 8:25:44PM
Awesome! I love MMA no matter where it's from or who's fighting. It's MMA! And the production values are great. Thanks for the share, Shovel! I hope MMA keeps blowing up all over the continent. Africa is not small, and this sport is going global for sure. Infinite potential!!
2/15/11 4:04:13AM
Yeah man, I'd REALLY love to see EFC grow to the point at which it can pay it's fighters well and make it their full time jobs.
Then we will REALLY see some growth and some outstanding fighters will be born, I'll take our first fighter going to UFC as a sign of that. Until then, it's good to have live MMA to watch
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