Edwards, Silva added to EXC 11/10 Card

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10/29/07 4:21:43PM
Yves Edwards and Antonio Silva have been added to EliteXC's 11/10 event, according to a report by The Fight Network.

10/29/07 8:07:14PM
There's too many Silvas and Sylvias
10/30/07 7:17:35AM
For a second there i thought it said Edwards was fighting Junior
10/30/07 7:45:50AM
There are too many Silva's but nobody should be in any doubt as to who this one is - Antonio Silva is the best HW in the world, if you dont cap the weight at 265 and allow a 330lb guy like him to fight Fedor, he would seriously fck him up, if you aint see him fight then check out his vids in the section on here, so big and powerfull but surprisingly agile

This card is now fcking wicked, im pumped for this event!!!
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