Edgar confirms likely rematch with Penn

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4/20/10 10:58:45AM
The decision on who new UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will fight for his first defense should be coming soon. It looks like it's going to be a rematch with the fighter he beat to get the title earlier this month.

Former champion B.J. Penn had commented just after the fight that the UFC had already approached him about a potential second fight with Edgar later this year, and the new king at 155 pounds had heard much the same thing.

"There's been talks, there's definitely been talks," Edgar told MMAWeekly Radio. "I haven't signed anything, so when I sign I'll definitely let you know."

4/20/10 11:40:35AM
Sucks and unfair for edgar
He will lose the belt. Penn should just move up to welter
Fight will happen in boston as well as forian vs maynard

But do fans really wanna see a penn edgar and a potential florian
Rematch back to back??

I really do think edgar should face florian
Maynard face a. Gomi or sherk next and
Penn vs serra at 170
4/20/10 11:45:32AM
I'm a huge BJ Penn fan but he needs a better game plan against Frankie. He has to mix it more and not just rely on his boxing. And I don't know if it was the outdoor desert heat but he gassed in that fight and needs to come in better condition.
4/20/10 12:45:30PM
IMO Penn won that fight. Penn landed more strikes, I know Edgar did a lot of movement but that doesn't win fights. Not to take anything away from Edgar but I don't think he took the belt by any means. Penn looked like he took the fight lightly and thats what you get. Never leave it to the judges.
4/20/10 1:26:43PM

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