Edgar Cayce the lesser known American Nostradamus

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POLL: Believer?
Cayce's for real 7% (1)
Cayce rhymes with crazy 14% (2)
I'm interested 21% (3)
Never heard of him 21% (3)
I'm 50/50 7% (1)
Ken Shamrock needs to nipple tweak 29% (4)
3/4/09 6:38:37PM
I was wondering how many people have heard of this man. He has a VERY impressive track record (check out his WWII readings). Rasputinlike. Even if you are anti Nostradamus and anything of that nature I believe Cayce's predictions could still be an interesting piece of fiction to you.

Anyway, I wanted to see what the consensus was on Cayce and how many haven't heard of him. There is the obvious bias from my corner, but what do you think?

Edgar Cayce site (mediocre)

Keep in mind (and interestingly enough) Edgar Cayce declared himself Christian.

Oh, and here's a slightly better site

Cayce description of his NDE process.
3/4/09 7:25:34PM
i read through quite a few of the articles, and i like what the guy had to say

I liked the quote
You grow to heaven. You don't go to heaven.
3/4/09 8:57:14PM
well imnot sure if im a beliver or not but i am damn sure that nipple tweaking couldnt hurt shamrock
3/4/09 11:38:09PM
Supposedly he was a pretty legit psychic, but just like any other a lot of his predictions haven't hit. Although he seems to be correct about a chmber underneath the Sphinx, it certainly hasn't been opened yet, and most likely won't contain a library of Atlantis texts either.
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