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6/18/08 1:20:53AM
Eddie Bravo Demonstrates Rubber Guard Link
6/18/08 3:07:31AM
lol i just prop'd you for a post in another thread but this is prop worthy as well man, thanks for the find
6/18/08 8:28:29AM
Bravo JJ is amazing, but it requires a TON of flexibility. This is definitely advanced technique. Even if people can pull it off on a training partner does not mean they have the flexibility to pull it off in a real situation. Obviously Eddie has it, but for those of you that may come across this keep in mind it requires mucho flexibility and if you can't pull it off there's no reason to be discouraged.

Can't wait to see some real Bravo JJ masters enter the UFC
6/18/08 6:01:11PM
good link.. i just picked up a book... Guerrilla JiuJitsu... I am invlove with this book already... Being as judo was the first art form I studied followed shortly thereafter by jujitsu... this really shows me how to incorporate some of my favorite moves and transistion into a ground game... And I love the basic drills in the book for rolling and falling.. took me way back to when I very first started training.. Massive flashback.. some of these drills I still do some I forgot..
6/18/08 10:48:21PM
I <3 Rubber Guard.

Bravo Jits FTW!
6/19/08 1:23:37AM
although useing rubber guard on a willing opponant is one thing doing the same thing while some one is punching you in the face is another.
6/19/08 1:38:47AM
i am convinced that you have to be a freak to pull of an offensive rubber guard in terms of submissions like Eddie Bravo and Aoki. the both seem to have no tendons or liniments holding them together...it is just amazing to watch
6/19/08 9:55:25AM
I wonder how BJ Penns rubber guard is, we have never seen it cuz he is never in that position for to long, and he has crazy flexibility.
6/19/08 12:53:26PM
Guerilla Jits Looks Amazing as Well!
6/19/08 3:09:48PM

Posted by Guru

Guerilla Jits Looks Amazing as Well!

Well I am attracted to this as my base art is Judo.. and I love Jujitsu... so this is a perfect blending of my two loves.. its also very agressive... I am also not saying it is the only way... all styles of jujitsu have thier place.. and the trick is knowing when to use each.
6/24/08 1:23:18AM

Posted by holt8081

I wonder how BJ Penns rubber guard is, we have never seen it cuz he is never in that position for to long, and he has crazy flexibility.

very good check out the gsp fight at the end of round 3.
6/29/08 10:33:33AM
good vid
6/29/08 7:47:28PM
Eddie Bravo has turned me gay.
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