Eddie Alvarez Tried To Purchase Stake In Bellator Last Year

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10/31/11 2:18:56PM
Loretta Hunt of Sports Illustrated recently interviewed Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez to discuss a slew of topics. One that definitely sticks out is the champion's view on the current state of the MMA market domestically. It seems that with the UFC purchasing organizations left and right, the champion got a bit antsy. So much so that he approached Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney about potentially buying into the company. It wasn't for any reason other than an investment opportunity, one that could pay off had a buy out occured. Now, a year late, the champion revisited his reasoning with Loretta saying:

Originally, when the UFC purchased Strikeforce (last March), I got very on edge. I called (Bellator owner) Bjorn Rebney to ask him if there was any possible way that I could buy stake in Bellator. The way (the UFC) was buying up promotions like that, I didn't want them to come in on Bellator without me being able to capitalize on it.

11/1/11 1:42:55AM
i gotta wonder what the future holds for bellator. i think they have some serious talent in the lighter weight classes, but lack talent in the upper weight classes. its stange to read alvarez's interest in bellator financially. i think he should be shooting for the big leagues (UFC), eddie is one guy from the other organizations that i think could be very successfull in the UFC
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