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POLL: Is Eddie Alvarez top ten in the LW division?
Yes 48% (12)
Top 15 32% (8)
Top 20 16% (4)
Who's Eddie Alvarez? 4% (1)
5/12/08 2:08:15PM
With Consecutive wins against stiff competition in Andre Amade, and Joachim Hansen while in a new organization and the recent upsets in the UFC's LW Division i think he's #9.

5/12/08 2:13:16PM
i got him @ 8, & plan on moving him up more by the end of the summer
5/12/08 2:17:02PM
I'd like to see more ground work like a solid submission or two.

I really can't argue with him being a top 10, though. The rest of this tourny will clear it up.
5/12/08 3:38:46PM
Way too much parity in the LW division to know where exactly he should rank IMO. It is definately the toughest division to rank on this site. I had Ishida and Hansen in top 10 for a bit then Uno and Alvarez took them out. I think Alvarez would no question be a top 20 LW, but thats as far as ill go at this point and feel pretty confident about it.
5/12/08 3:40:13PM

Posted by Jackelope

I'd like to see more ground work like a solid submission or two.

I really can't argue with him being a top 10, though. The rest of this tourny will clear it up.

Doesn't seem like much of a sub guy, but seems to have the smarts to avoid subs... Also has underrated wrestling, good TD's, and solid GnP... The way I see it, he's got a pretty effective "power boxing" style, but lately he's been showing that he's a more well rounded fighter... As soon as his opponents start worrying about TD's and his GnP, it's going to create a lot of openings in the standup game...

With all that being said, he's def top 10 in my book... I got him at 8, under kawajiri and above Florian... His only loss is to a really big welterweight in Nick Thompson, really the move down in weight is what solidified it for me... He gives most guys a super tough fight at 160lbs
5/12/08 5:11:10PM
Top 15.. maybe.

I'd like to see him beat a top 10 guy before getting into the top ten (or at least finish a couple of top 15 guys).

Hopefully he will get some tougher fights now with his recent success.
Not ripping on the guy, there is just so much good tallent out there to move a guy up to the top 10 so fast.
5/12/08 9:57:49PM
as of now hes top 15 for me, but he seems to have a pretty good upside, and one more win will probably get him into my rankings. the problem is a guy like gomi is still in my top 10 because i think he belongs there, but the inactivity is making him fall down my list, and its hard for me to take him out completely because i really believe he belongs among the best. a guy like alvarez comes along and gets 2 very good wins against quality opponents, but doesnt have the body of work that gomi or BJ(for example) has so its more or less a judgement call.
5/12/08 11:03:44PM
I think he is top 10. If he can get in to the finals and win, top 5 in my book. That would make for a pretty impressive win streak.
5/13/08 12:44:12AM
I have him in top 15.... that division is too stacke dto make top 10 yet...but I say if he advances into the finals (beating Kawajiri) then yes. he is top 10.
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