Eddie Alvarez Talks About Having the Best Hands at LW, Frankie Edgar

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5/12/11 6:51:06PM
Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was a guest on Fight Corner Radio recently, and they conducted a pretty extensive interview with him. Alvarez is coming off a five round decision win over Pat Curran at Bellator 39, and his next opponent will be decided in two days at Bellator 44 when Patricky Friere meets Michael Chandler in the tournament final. This interview touches mostly on stuff outside the realm of Bellator. It leads off with how Eddie would fare as a professional boxer, and he was surprisingly frank with his thoughts (transcribed by fiveknuckles):

"I don't think I'd do well," Alvarez said. "Just because in boxing it would be hard for me to make 147. And I know boxers here in Philly at that weight and I spar with them, and I get my (expletive) whooped. They're not no world champions either, but these guys are seriously good. It would be really tough for me. I'd have to develop a whole different style of boxing to be successful.

"Actually Bernard (Hopkins) thinks that I would become a world champion; he said it out of his own mouth that he's never seen an MMA fighter box the way that I box. And I felt good about him saying that, but in the back of my head I'm thinking to myself, 'Nah.' Maybe I'm not as confident in myself as some other people are, but I'm not looking to go into pro boxing any time soon."

5/12/11 8:44:54PM
His boxing is incredible, no one can take that away from him. I'm not too sure he has the best hands though. They haven't been tested enough to say that.
5/12/11 9:03:39PM
Alvarez does not have the best hands at LW, and he didn't look too good against Pat Curran, all in my humble opinion. I think BJ could probably murder him. I also believe Frankie Edgar is better technically, although definitely smaller. No problem though. Hell, I'd like to see him stand with Melvin Guillard, see what happens.

Alvarez is good, not trying to bash at all. But best hands at Lightweight? I'm not sure of that.
5/12/11 10:58:56PM
It's too bad that Nick Diaz isn't this honest with himself!
5/13/11 3:28:30AM
Eddie does have the best hands at 155, and he would out box BJ Penn imo.
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