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1/3/11 7:08:40PM
how do you think these 2 would fair in the UFC's LW Division?
1/3/11 7:48:19PM
They would be contenders, not champs, I think Alverez has more upside but I think Melendez would do better right now.
1/3/11 7:59:32PM
In my opinion, badly. The UFC has without doubt the best LW's in the world and I can't see either guy getting past the likes of Miller, Maynard, Florian, Edgar, Sherk or BJ.
I think maybe the could get a decision against guys like Gomi and Danzig but after they stepped up in competition they'd realise they are big fish in small ponds.

I think Alvarez would do a little better than Melendez though!
1/3/11 8:16:41PM
yea I think Alvarez is more well rounded and would do better in the UFC then Melendez. I could see Alvarez knocking some guys out and being a contender.
1/3/11 11:16:30PM
alverez would do fine, maybe not champ but he's exciting to watch. i dont like melendez so i dont care about him.
1/4/11 11:59:46PM
Seriously everyone????

Melendez and Alvarez would be at the top of the division for sure.
2/1/11 12:13:45AM
i think they would do well, im a fan of both of those guys
2/3/11 6:20:45PM
Eddie needs to get out of bellator and sign with ufc or strikeforce
That's too much talent for bellator
Hopefully one will sign with the ufc by the end of the year
4/3/11 8:11:45PM
I think Alvarez wouldnt be top 5 I know Edgar, Maynard would simply out wrestle him..Im still trying to decide if Curran is better than I think...Melendez is scrappy...I would like to see the two fight...And lets wrap all this up together...One champion...
4/8/11 6:14:57PM

Posted by Bloodhound

how do you think these 2 would fair in the UFC's LW Division?

Here's my rankings if gil and eddie were in the ufc

1 Frankie edgar
2 Gray Maynard
3 Eddie Alvarez
4 Gil Melendez
5 Jim Miller
6 Anthony Pettis
7 Melvin Guillard
8 George Sotoropilous
9 Clay Guda
10 Donald Cerrone

B.J could make this list but i'm acting as if he were a regular WW

Let me know what u think
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