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3/15/07 4:49:59PM
This guy is a monster and he's undefeated and has some great wins over good competiton. Do you think this guy will take a step up into the bigger leagues soon? Do you think he will be a force or is he overrated? I think he can make an impact in either UFC or Pride.
3/16/07 8:20:48AM
i think eddie alvarez is definately an up and coming great fighter.. he tore up aaron riley and derrick noble, who are both great fighters, in just over a minute a piece.. im not sure if he will be in the UFC and PRIDE anytime soon though, as im pretty sure he is under contract with bodogfight.. it would be great to see him face some other top welterweights though, definately
3/16/07 8:30:13PM
3/17/07 10:50:03AM

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why do u say that?
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