On Ebay you can bid to be Melvin Guillards Coner man

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3/30/07 4:06:57PM
I think that is a awsome idea.....check it out If I wasnt sponsoring Joe Stevenson I probably would of bid on this package...

You Can Be Melvin Guillard’s Corner Man — Seriously
Posted by UFC Junkie on March 30, 2007 at 2:00 pm ET
I usually don’t pass along eBay auctions unless they’re for a good cause, but this one is so unbelievable and unique that I felt like I owed it to you guys to post it here.

Denora Sports Marketing, which represents Melvin Guillard, is auctioning off a UFC Fight Night 9 package that allows the winning bidder to be a corner man for Guillard when he faces Joe Stevenson’s in the main event at UFC Fight Night 9.

The event takes place Thursday (April 5) at The Palms Las Vegas and airs on Spike TV at 8 p.m. ET.

According to the auction description:

UFC ULTIMATE FIGHT NIGHT Melvin Guillard Corner Pass 69

Yes that means you will be an actual corner man for Melvin Guillard in his Main Event bout against Joe Stevenson at UFC “Fight Night” live from the Palms Hotel & Casino on April 5th! You will have an all-access pass and be with Melvin during weigh-in, warm ups, backstage, ring entrance, and you will actually be sitting cage side for the Main Event alongside Melvin’s coaches! Last but not least you will be able to officially be with Melvin during the entire process of a Main Event UFC Fight and also be a VIP special guest at his official After Party at the new Playboy Club inside the Palms!

At the time of this writing, the auction had fetched a top bid just over $100, but a reserve price is in place for $1,500.

The auction ends in a little less than three days.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the UFC in a truly unique way (and you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket), head over to eBay.

Credit Denora Sports Marketing with one hell of a cool idea.

3/30/07 4:08:24PM
i saw this on mmaweekly and thought it was a really cool idea, its a hell of a way to interact with the fighters
3/30/07 4:11:32PM
It would be worth it to root for Joe Daddy right there.

Of course Tito and co. would likely kill me for that!

3/30/07 4:52:27PM
hmmm... sounds a little gay
3/30/07 5:02:27PM

Posted by jdubs

hmmm... sounds a little gay

wheres the ignore button on here???
3/30/07 6:29:02PM
looks like the auction is over....

"The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken."
3/30/07 6:52:28PM
where is the who gives a f#ck button here?
3/30/07 6:59:39PM
IMO think its a great idea specially if its your favorite fighter...obviously..I would do it if I wasnt sponsoring Joe for the fight. Even if it was a fighter you didnt like it would be cool to walk out to the music and be right there with the conor men and get a first hand look. and dont forget the after partyyyyy yeooow. Thats one thing Melvin is good at
3/30/07 7:22:52PM
3/30/07 11:12:27PM
ok ....stay small...
3/30/07 11:16:31PM

Posted by jdubs

where is the who gives a f#ck button here?

u have nothing but negativity to say what's ur problem?
3/30/07 11:33:01PM
either he was beat up by him..or had his lunch money taken
4/2/07 7:01:46AM

Posted by Trapt1nw0nder

looks like the auction is over....

"The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken."

Word is that the UFC didnt approve of it.......... ouch.
Thats gotta suck. But on the auction you werent really Melvins cornerman. You could just sit there and watch what they doo. Still cool to have a front row seat.
4/2/07 4:23:26PM
i would say melvin take joe down and give him your back!!!

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