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2/2/07 9:27:03AM
Reading a thread yesterday about who would fare the best in MMA coming over from a kickboxing org (K1) and it got me thinking...

Do ya'all think it is an easier transition for a pure striker, like Mirko, to cross over to the MMA scene?

Or do you think a grappler (wrestling, Judo, BJJ, etc) has it easier transitioning to MMA, like Mark Kerr or Roger Gracie (sorry to put those two in the same example)
2/2/07 9:32:52AM
I think it is easier for a striker to transition to MMA
2/2/07 10:00:51AM

Posted by thelastking

I think it is easier for a striker to transition to MMA

So Mike Tyson would have an easy transition??

Just kidding, I tend to agree with you...

I think that if you have the top notch striking game, you have to learn less on the ground compared to the other way around...

What I mean is, you don't have to start throwing up gogoplatas and triangle chokes, you just have to learn efficient sub defense, and a good way to get the fight back to your domain, on your feet...
2/2/07 11:01:48AM
Cheick Kongo might disagree......

good striker...

but was fubar'd once he was on his back under a wrestler......

i think every fighter is different.......there are a lot of pure strikers, but not all of them understand how to use their skill set to be effective in mma.
2/2/07 3:11:10PM
Good wrestler.

Hell, look at one of the most dominant WW's out there still hasn't made the transition :)

Plus, it takes a lot longer to get a feel for the ground game then it does to develop a striking game. No I am not saying its easier to strike, its just jits/wrestling is about experience, unless your a phenom.
2/2/07 3:16:53PM
A ju-jitsu guy would transition the easiest, followed by a wrestler.

Pure strikers have absolutely no idea what to do on the ground, and a huge majority of fights spend at least some time on the ground. Especially if one guy is a pure striker!

As an example, look at the old UFC's. Just about all of those guys were strikers with no ground experience. Royce had pretty easy pickings for the first couple of years.
2/2/07 3:22:47PM
Definitly BJJ and wrestlers. The others raise good points and talk about strikers who have had some problems. Look at Hughes, amazing career with minimal striking ability (yes, he is getting better). Pro Boxing Champion Nishijima is currently 0-4 in Pride and for his career, being submitted by Baroni! Seems like BJJ and wrestling really transition well.
2/2/07 4:20:05PM
ground guys no doubt, look at how easy it is for a guy to lay n pray like O'brien did against a pure stand up guy like Herring, might not finish anyone but you can get horribly boring decisions. more boxers would convert to MMA if it was other way around
2/2/07 5:20:56PM
The thing is, the game is constantly evolving, and I think the answer to this could be different depending on what era we're talking about. Right now I think a striker would make the best transition, because he would at least have the capacity to finish the fight. A pure grapplers only chance is to lay and pray, and with everyone in the fight game being proficient in striking, I don't see this being to their advatange. Its going to get stood up eventually, and if you don't have the stand up game, you'll get smoked.

Pure grapplers also have a hell of a time getting the fight to the ground in MMA because they don't have the strikes to set up shoots or takedowns, and grappling is much different when you're fighting someone that doesn't wan t to grapple, as opposed to a wrestling match, Judo match, or what have you.

Just look at some of the guys Pride has brought in over the last year like Eldari, Mahkmoud, Yong Dong Sik, etc. All great pure grapplers, but get torn apart on the feet before they can do much of anything.
2/2/07 5:22:58PM
I see your point... It seems easier for a grappler to take the fight to the ground than it is for a stiker to keep it standing...
2/2/07 5:35:28PM
I'm gonna say grapplers generally make it smoother. There are exceptions either way of course.

2/2/07 5:45:13PM

fighting is more of a natural instinct inside of you...just because someone is a striker (boxer or kickboxer) dont mean he dont have the natural instincts to take someone down,or defend a takedown

im no blackbelt in anything,but im sure i can sprawl and defend takedowns if i were a pro boxer/kickboxer.....
2/2/07 5:51:26PM
to sprawl against a world class wrestler is no easy thing, i wrestled for 15 years and work out and train BJJ at Duke Roufus's Kickboxing Academy and even in my old age i can take down guys 10 years younger than me who are top notch kickboxers
2/2/07 6:04:46PM
If you had a pure striker against a grappler the grappler would probably win. i feel that if a great striker transitioned to MMA he would have an easier route transitioning into an MMA fighter than a guy who was a grappler because its not like the striker has to learn how to submit people and take them down he has learn how to sprawl and not get subbed(which is not easy actually it is very hard to do)but i feel it is easier than learning a good enough standup game to hang with a great striker. but it also depends on the fighter and there drive to learn these things. just my opinion
2/2/07 8:21:41PM
I think the good ground skills take more time to develop, but you cant use those skills if you walk in and get KO'ed. A good striker needs to make sure he knows how to handle being in the clinch and being on the receiving end of a good ground and pound. As long as he does that, seeing how a majority of fighters try to stay on their feet, the striker would probably have an easier time of it. But it is MMA so they better get the ground skills so they can change gears if they come up to a better striker. Or find themselves in the cage with a ground guy that learned to stand long enough to get the take down.
2/2/07 8:34:11PM
I hate to say it, but I'll go with pure wrestler's(koshcheck ex.) . Although we all hate to see the LnP , it can still grind out a decision. The biggest example of this is on TUF 1 and 2. We get to see these guys making the transition, and the pure striker's all got owned. Karalexis, Davis, Solomon, Ross etc. Obviously none of them are K-1 level, but Koshcheck , and even Hammil did pretty well. I firmly beleive that Hammil would have been in the final with Bisping if not for the injury. He even beat Nickel's( jujitsu guy) standing just by mandhandling him into a dirty clinch and uppercutting him.
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