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12/31/08 8:02:29PM
Well at the beginning of the year i was trying to start a small mma site (which didn't work out too well with 2 full time jobs) and wrote an article on my 10 fighters to watch in 2008 and 5 not to watch. So bordem on New Years Eve has caused this thread and I have't added any of this up yet or even 100% remember every fighter on my list so you're getting my raw reaction lol.

Fighters to Watch in 2008

#1: Georges St Pierre (Current WW Champ)
2008 Record: 2-0 (1 TKO, 1 Dec)
GSP had an amazing year destroying Serra and totally wrecking Fitch for a full 25 minutes. He had an amazing year and has a stacked year in front of him in 2008 (assuming he wins all his fights) will run the gauntlet of Kos, Hughes, Serra, Fitch, Penn, Alves, and someone else. No rest for the best....

#2: BJ Penn (Current LW Champ)
2008 Record: 2-0 (1 TKO, 1 Sub)
I did in fact publish the article to the net after the Penn/Stevenson fight because I did not want to include him until I saw his UFC 80 Weigh In pics and was sure he was serious about staying in shape. But unable to finish it in time i had to publish it several days later. But i could not beleive how many people really thought BJ would lose to Sherk ot Stevenson, I had faith in both fights and saw no areas where either fighter could hang with BJ. And that was pretty correct. He dominated Sherk and now is fighting GSP to get two belts.

#3: Anderson Silva (Current MW Champ):
2008 Record: 3-0 (1 KO, 1 TKO, 1 Sub)
May seem like a no brainier now but going into the Hendo fight ALOT of experts and non experts alike picked Hendo. So many in fact I almost was convinced myself. But i knew Silva could get thru him. And that he did with flying colors. And than dominated Irvin at 205 and had one hell of a strange bout with Cote at UFC 90.

#4 Chuck Liddell
2008 Record: 0-1
Call this my opps of the year. I never even thought he would get injured let alone fight Rashad. I was sort of figuring he would end up getting Shogun. But that didnt play out to well for me

#5... Forrest Griffin/Rampage Jackson (Forrest: 1 Dec, Rampage: 1 KO)
I had two number 5's on my list. They were Forrest and Rampage. I hadnt had time to really watch fight repkays and break down the fight. I saw it as a 50/50 and i thought it would be such a brutal war (which it was) that both would be medically suspended until at least October or so. They both went 1-1 so for this one i'll just add up one of them, dosen't matter who.

#6 Corey Hill
2008 Record: 1-2 (1 TKO)
Well i picked Corey knowing his physical traits would make him hard for anyone but not really expecting him to go undefeated. He did great in both losses espically in the Bucholz fight. But he lost and is out of action for a long while. Still glad i put him in here despite the record

#7: Roger Huerta
2008 Record: 0-1
I put Huerta on this list for two reasons. 1: I really thought he could beat Florian if Lauzon couldn't (in hindsight i got caught up in the Huerta hype a little) and 2: I thought he'd fight more than once in 2008 after fighting a crazy 6 times 2007. Wrong on both counts....

#8: Brandon Vera
2008 Record: 1-2 (1 Dec)
One year turned me from a Vera "nuthugger" to a Vera hater pretty much. His record should almost be 0-3 based on how bad he looked against Andy. The one pick i truely regret.

#9: Lyoto Machida
2008 Record: 1-0 (1 Dec)
Lyoto is well... Lyoto. He beat Ortiz and than due to injuries on Thiago Silva's part will not fight till UFC 93. Looked great against Ortiz and really got me hip to "Dragon".

#10: Nate Diaz
2008 Record: 3-0 (2 Submissions, 1 Dec)
When it came to the list i saved the best for last. Nate was the whole reason i made the whole article. He had a great 2008 and pulled a near submission of the year triangle on BJJ black belt Kurt Pellegrino. He is really 1-2 fights MAX form a title shot and am so glad i bothered typing up this list with him in mind. He made me proud lol!

Total Record of All 10 Fighters: 14-7
Win %: 66.66%

Fights Finished Out of 13 (ignoring Rampage and Forrest) possible :9
Finishing %" 69%

The 5 Fighters Not to Watch in 2008:
Of course i had to make a fighter not to watch to go with it so here's what i came up with...

#1 Houston Alexander:
2008 Record: 0-2
I could not have been more right. He got beat by friggin Eric Schafer who got worked by LHW gatekeep Stephan Bonner. Irvin made him his bitch. Good pick on my part

#2: Rashad Evans:
2008 Record: 2-0
Man how much i would to go back and swap Vera and Evans. I will admit it, i was WAYYYY wrong about Rashad.

#3: Michael Bisping
2008 Record: 3-0
Again, WAYYY wrong. But as soon as i saw Bisping's speed against Jason Day at UFC 83 i knew that this was a new Mike. Again would love to switch him with Vera.

#4:Rich Franklin
2008 Record: 2-0
I put Rich on this list knowing he would win in 2008 but i saw no real path to get anywhere. Anderson is out of the question, and i didnt imagine him faring well at 205 but looked great vs Hammill. We will find out if 205 is his thing or not soon vs Hendo!

#5:Matt Serra
2008 Record: 0-1
Matt gained nothing in 2008 and probably still won't in 2009. I cannot see him beating Hughes. After watching Alves pick apart Kos worse than he did Matt i realised that the Serra fight is an all Hughes bet for me. I bet if the match was Kos vs Serra everyone would pick Kos. And hughes did more on the ground to Alves than Kos and Serra has never displayed amazing submissions while taking punches.

2008 overall record: 7-3

Well that's that hope somebody enjoys this! Thanks!
12/31/08 9:16:10PM
Not a bad list.. even with the tiny little moments of self inflation I got a pretty good kick out of "Good pick on my part"

You should do a list for this year. I wouldn't mind checking that out and maybe adding some of my own
12/31/08 9:30:21PM
Lol thanks. Like i said you were getting my exact thoughts while doing this. I totally forgot i put Alexander on my list, to be honest i thought i had put someone else lol.

I'll do a list this year it was sort of cool to look back and see how much has changed since i wrote that. Will be interesting to look back in time again lol!

Thanks for reading thru all that!
1/2/09 11:28:16AM
very smart of you
i think i might try this for 2009
thanksa for the idea
1/2/09 11:32:20AM
i'll say this right now, those were some damn good predictions. of course, a couple of them made you look like a fool, but yearly predictions are so hard in this sport that the success that you had is commendable. nice job
1/2/09 4:04:39PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

i'll say this right now, those were some damn good predictions. of course, a couple of them made you look like a fool, but yearly predictions are so hard in this sport that the success that you had is commendable. nice job

Yeah I forgot i had put Vera on that list and man was i dissapointed when i saw his name on there! lol But yea this sport is wild. If you would have told me at that time that at the end of the Year: Brock and Rashad would be chapions by the end of the year i would have laughed in your face! But thats why this sport rocks!
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