Early NFL Mock Drafts Suggest Cam Newton Should've Stayed At Auburn

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1/22/11 8:37:07AM
Yeah, we're still 3+ months from the draft and this is only the first ESPN mock, but it might be bad for the Heisman Trophy winner-I was catching the early projected top 10 picks on a ticker the other day on my break at work and both The Mel Gel & Mock McShay (Mike & Mike came up with the latter) predict Newton initially going at #10 in the Draft, which would put him in perhaps the worst location to start a NFL QB career...you guessed it. Washington. The last time the Skins drafted a QB that actually worked out well was...well...before I was a NFL fan, maybe before I was even born. (Patrick Ramsey has been little more than a journeyman, Colt Brennan has mostly been injured and is no longer with us, not sure who the last guy we drafted was that worked out well-not sure if we drafted either Mark Rypien or Doug Williams, but I don't think so) And we all know this much for next year via Lovie Smith: We Will Be "X-X" Next Season WIth Rex As Our Quarterback.
1/22/11 9:59:03AM
Well, with the lockout pending for next season, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
1/22/11 10:03:02AM
Completely off-topic, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Devlin and Enderle today in the East-West Shrine Game to see if they can cement themselves as top QB's in this draft.
1/22/11 2:58:18PM
he definitely should have stayed in college for another year.
does anyone think his skillset can really even transition to the NFL?
Can anyone say Vince Young Version 2.0?

So if he can get drafted in the first round and start for 2-3 years then i dont think it matters where he gets drafted. He should NEVER be a top 10 pick anyways
1/22/11 5:57:01PM
And the early mock doesn't even have him as being the first QB off the board. Both are predicting Jake Locker to go before him, probably in the top 5 (I think Kiper & McShay initially have him going 3 & 4 on their respective boards).
Sometimes it's funny that these guys all come off as perhaps being like Michael Vick in terms of skillsets (good passer with just-as-good if not better running) yet for whatever reason it never workd out that way in the NFL.
1/22/11 8:55:02PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Well, with the lockout pending for next season, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

The lockout is completely irrelevant. It will have absolutely no impact on the draft this season because the upcoming draft falls under the current CBA. They won't be able to technically "sign" anyone, but the team that drafts Newton will retain his rights.
1/22/11 11:55:55PM
Skins have a lot of problems but I dont think WSH takes him, I think they will take another one of the QB's if they go with a QB.
1/23/11 12:03:41AM
I think this thread is a little misleading since Newton won't have a successful pro career. It doesn't matter who drafts Newton. He won't ever be elite. He's not an efficient passer, he's poor at recognizing blitz packages, he's fast in college, he won't be that fast in the NFL.

Before people start mentioning his stats against the blitz, I need to remind you that he's still not very good at recognizing it. Being able to escape and shed the tackles of college linemen aren't gonna mean jack in the NFL. Numbers do not tell the whole story. Newton has NEVER been praised for his cerebral game at ANY level.

He's just a big boy. He's not any better coming out of college than JaMarcus Russell or Vince Young. I don't see him doing anything better than either of those two individuals.

Everyone said the same stuff about Vince Young that they have about Newton and we all know what happened there. Actually, if anything Newton comes with more baggage because he's clearly unable to keep himself out of questionable circumstances. This doesn't mean he DID any of the stuff that's alleged, as I am not rehashing that debate, it just means that his name is constantly associated with things like that.

1/23/11 5:14:17PM
JaMarcus Russell didn't have a successful NFL career??

Ask any Chiefs, Broncos, or Chargers fan. I'm sure they'll disagree.
1/24/11 8:22:01AM
I still see him ending up in Minnesota. They don't have a true #1 and if he's still on the board, which I think he will be, then they will end up taking him. It's an ideal situation for the guy as they have a great run game and two solid receivers for him to rely on. He can hand the ball off the majority of the time, which will open him up big time for play action.

Blue, you're right, he's not too much better at this point than either of those guys, but I'll say he's a more accurate passer than Russell and he can actually throw a ball in front of a receiver, which VY still can't do. He has a ton to work on, but his combine grades will be off the chart, and that's what will get him drafted. I'd love to see a good quarterbacks coach get a hold of him.

I'll be rooting for the guy as long as he doesn't end up with New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego or New Orleans, and those all look like a 0% chance.
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