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7/31/11 1:08:58AM
So honestly Fedor (who is my fav fighter) looked out at first. But recovered quickly. Do you think (since it was the Main Event) it should have gone farther????

Honestly I think it was an early Stoppage for a main event. Herb should have let it go farther. I fedor is my fav fighter it was justifiable but still it would have been nice to let it go a lil farther. Look at A. Silva and James Irvrin. Irvin even said it wasn't an early stoppage since it was a main event... what do you guys think??
7/31/11 1:09:48AM
There is already two other threads about this
7/31/11 1:30:06AM
not really but if you think so then delete
7/31/11 2:04:58AM
I think whether a not it is a main event shouldn't factor into a stoppage.. a fight is a fight
7/31/11 2:49:53AM
At least it wasn't like the Arlovski/Buentello fight. That only lasted like 30 seconds, and on top of that it was a Title fight
7/31/11 3:41:20AM

Posted by TeamDEY

not really but if you think so then delete

Lol, what do you mean not really? Both other threads are about this exact same thing.
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