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12/25/07 8:19:51PM
I have been researching different stretches and have found the general consensus to be that dynamic stretching is the most helpful. Is there anyone who has a routine or any experience with this type of stretching, or is there anyone who disputes that this increases flexibility and reduces injury more than static stretching?
12/25/07 10:54:33PM
I know this is not an answer to your question, but I do want to say that there is not one type of stretching that is better (for everyone) than all others. Different people require and/or respond to different types of stretching than others.
12/25/07 11:05:59PM
How about this kind.
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12/29/07 10:24:45PM
it doesn't work for gay guys i guess but that seems better than dynamic stretching to me
12/30/07 6:06:25PM
If you want to vastly improve flexibility, join yoga.
1/1/08 2:57:28AM
with my schedule and financial situation i can't afford any kind of classes nor do i have time to attend them
and when i do have time there are no classes offered
1/1/08 5:28:44AM
Then buy a yoga mat(like $10 bucks) go to youtube, type in "Yoga positions" and do them yourself. Do them in front of a mirror if possible so you can make sure your doing them right. Yoga's kind of a do anywhere type of thing, it's more of learning to relax yourself while streching then a bunch of wild positions. It's a great thing to do, it relieves stress, improves flexibility, reduces muscle injuries, tons of benifits. Oh and if people call you gay, you can more then likely kick them in the head, so no one will say it twice
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