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12/27/07 8:46:14PM
Anyone play on xbox live?

My gamertag is a40oz2freedumb..Me and some of my buddies who are also members on here try and play at night wether it be ranked games or just private custom games but if you want to send me a friend request and get your game on..Add me up.....Im usually on at nights after work and weekends during the day when im not out drinking chasing girls....
12/27/07 11:07:33PM
Yo my gamer tag is "TheBigBossSauce" add me, i lent my friend my 360 but i'll be getting it back soon
12/28/07 9:25:15AM
Well I don't play on 360, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone on PC... It's like crack, and I can't seem to get enough to get my fix.

I prefer the PC because there are so many more options to assign keys to actions, like I said haven't played it on 360, but I can't imagine there are as many controls/options due to the lacking buttons on the controller. Plus I much more prefer the mouse when aiming and shooting, it's more accurate than a joystick IMO.

-Edit #2-

If anyone has it on PC my tag is "KamiKrazee"
12/28/07 10:32:39AM
My gamertag is evilwig.
I play call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2 and Rock band/Guitar Hero 3
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