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3/31/08 9:13:49PM
How many of you guys are still playing Call of Duty 4?

I've been playing for ages and am starting to get a little bored!!!

My clan tag is UFC!!!

It has awesome game play and is a really sick game!!!

Who else is still playing and keen to team up!!!

I play on PS3, my name is Okubi.

Add me!!!!
3/31/08 9:30:52PM
I'm goin to add you!
I have just got this game and its awesome!!!!
My name on it is LittlESmileR
I don't know how to add people yet though. But i will!
3/31/08 10:27:50PM
PNS id : ordep_

add me only if you:

- play domination and care about capturing and defending the flag and not just kill people around
-play sabotage and care about defending/killing the bomb carrier or planting/defusing the bomb
-play ground war and if a domination match comes up you follow the first bullet in this post

^ this is mostly what I play, and it really pisses me off the people who just care about rising their kill counts and don't cooperate in team based games.

I'll be waiting for all your friend adds
4/1/08 2:33:50AM
Guys I've added you both!!

Anyone else interested feel free to add me!!!

Playstation Network: Okubi

I play any style of game that people wanna play!!!

Feel free to add me!!!

4/1/08 2:35:55AM
SmileR - To add people you do it on the playstation page that comes on when you turn on your PS3, not when you go to Call of Duty!!!

Remember to add me!!!

4/1/08 4:56:50PM
I have it on xbox but have never set up the online
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