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4/25/10 6:48:04PM
Ok so I got my PS3 back in March and went to rent MW2, only to find out at home the dumbasses put World At War in the case. Anyhow, I played the game and it was ok but have been meaning to pick up MW2 to see how it is.

I read a good amount of forums on MW2 about the online play, and how noobs suck and don't know crap blah blah. So my question is how difficult is the online play, would I get owned and what are some tips that would help a MW2 noob like myself?
4/25/10 6:50:48PM
on PSN, it won't be difficult at all, but you'll take a bit to get used to it. on XBL, you'll have a harder time winning, but you'll get better faster.
4/25/10 8:06:49PM
Play the campaign a little first to get use to the controls. Once you learn the maps you will be fine, you can also run around the maps on your own by doing a private match to learn them before jumping online. The online play is great, I have had the game since it came out and have only played about half of the campaign, once I started playing online I just never went back to it.
4/25/10 8:26:29PM
Like they said it will take some time to get use to the maps but once you know the maps well and know where to go and not to go you will do fine. the controls are very easy to get use to but that is for xbox, not sure what the controls are like on ps3. The only thing that sucks about the game are stupid little 14 years olds that think they are all that and cuss up a storm for no reason.
4/25/10 9:07:32PM
You'll get owned, man. I'v had the game for a while now and I'm no match for like half the guys that play it. But on the sunny side I'v seen daylight for more than a hour a week and kissed girls so it balances out.
The best piece of advice I can offer is to play the campaign mode first to get used to the controls. I'm not a hardcore gamer but play for fun a few times a week and always have a laugh.
Its a weird game to play with a headset on though, people take some of the matches so seriously its unreal.
If you end up getting it add me and you'll see how bad the average player is!
My address thing is LittlESmileR

Good luck!
4/25/10 10:13:34PM
dont worry about how bad you are, everyone's gotta start somewhere. play the campaign and the special ops for a bit before online and you will be ok. once you learn the maps and where the best places to go and to avoid are you will be ok.
4/25/10 11:23:26PM
I get destroyed worse than I do when I play Halo online. Some people take that **** as serious as an NBA title game seven.
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