Dustin Poirier vs Cub Swanson - FOTN ???

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2/16/13 5:32:54AM
Hey guys, This event is a good stacked card, I am most excited for this fight. I think both these guys are out to get their names in the title contention with a victory in London. This could easily be the FOTN, Who ever wins this fight makes a huge statement in their division.

I'm liking Cub, It seems this guy is determined to get a title shot in the UFC. Great fight either way, and Dustin Poirier is skilled and dangerous anyway so it should make and interesting fight for the fans.

Any thoughts ??

2/16/13 6:28:32AM
I'm rooting for Cub all the way! He's out of my home town, so it's a no brainer. It's been awesome seeing his career resurgence, he's repping the 760 well! I think his KO streak continues against Poirier (who is also a bad ass)
2/16/13 9:25:17AM
I like cub
But I have betted against him last three fights
And I did it again I hope he doesn't make me eat crow
Fight of the night hell ya
2/16/13 10:17:57AM
i think te-huna vs jimmo could be FOTN
2/16/13 11:30:46AM
barao/mcdonald aint too shabby either. lots of FOTN candidates on this card. it shouldnt disappoint
2/16/13 5:31:21PM
With Chris Lytle being retired, its time for me to pick a new favorite fighter, and I pick Cub Swanson, I fuckin love watching that guy fight