Dustin Hazelett Vs. Tamdan McCrory

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POLL: Who Takes It?
Hazelett Sub 88% (15)
Hazelett (T)KO 6% (1)
Hazelett Dec. 6% (1)
10/26/08 11:43:20AM
i am really looking forward to this fight. this definitly has potential to be fight of the night after seeing their last performances in my opinion. i think Dustin takes a very exciting unanimous decision.

on another note would you guys agree with me that you'd rather see this fight on the main card than Gonzaga Vs. Hendricks?

EDIT: i accidently hit enter prematurely when i was halfway through the poll and now i can't fix it so its closed.
10/26/08 11:59:55AM
I think dusty will submit tamdan. Second round.

well they are probably thinking gonzaga will get a finish so thats why he is main card.
10/26/08 12:09:18PM
Was picking McCrory but picked Hazelett since Tamdan doesn't seem to fight good competition
10/26/08 12:21:50PM

This reminds me about the other accidentally closed poll for the Silva-Irvin fight when the only two options were Silva KOTKO Silva SUb

Dustin by submission of choice
10/26/08 3:28:12PM
I think Dustin can win standing up, but if it does go to the ground, he will win via submission, probably a triangle. He lives one county over from me, and I'm friends with Dusty and was down the road from his house last night watching the fights. He could'nt upload the fights on his computer so he kept calling us (my friend and I) to find out what was happening. He stays in Cincy through the week to train and when a fight is coming up he doesn't come back to Louisa (KY) that often. Last night, though, he wasn't in Cincy. He was training elsewhere.

Dusty's very young and has a ton of potential. I think this fight could go a variety of ways, but I predict he'll win via (T)KO.
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