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9/28/10 2:50:59PM
Here is the fightmetric breakdown of Dunham/Sherk for those who are interested. As expected, fightmetric had the fight 29-28 for Dunham.

9/29/10 1:53:43PM
This makes Dunham look even better for being such a great sport after the fight. I love this kid and can't wait to see him fight again.
9/29/10 6:41:50PM
He won that fight clearly IMO. The judging has been quite bad lately and this is just another example. Dunham will be champ by 2012. Im calling it here
9/29/10 9:21:48PM
The judges gave sherk the 2nd round for takedown attempts.
9/30/10 10:28:46AM
I'm more impressed that the Lytle/Serra fight set the record for strikes.
9/30/10 4:56:29PM
He didn't get the win, which matters at the end of the night, but I'm really pleased that everyone is giving him his props that is much deserved. I gave Dunham the fight as well, and I knew that he had the better chance of winning. When it comes to Sherk, if anyone has that kind of reach advantage on him, I just can't place him winning. What really pisses me of though, is that there wasn't an immediate rematch set for this fight. I know that most immediate rematches are set aside for title fights and such, but I honestly think the judges robbed Dunham from being one of the best contenders the division has right now. Hopefully Dana does the right thing by moving Dunham another step up, aside from the loss. He deserves to be near the top right now.
10/6/10 4:21:59PM
I thought he had the fight as well, but you never know what's gonna happen when you let it go to the judges.
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