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1/11/08 4:38:38PM
Anyone here use Istvan Javorek's dumbell or barbell complexes?
Great workouts if you haven't done it.

I use kettlebells and powerropes also or when I'm not drunk.

The Drunkel
1/15/08 2:32:06PM
I guess I'm the only one that knows who Istvan Javorek is?
The knowledge is mine all mine!!!

That hurt my head, gotta go take a shot,
The Drunkster
1/15/08 6:56:02PM
Do you have a link? (I have not heard of him)
1/15/08 11:09:00PM
I haven't heard of him either, I just do some old wrestling dumb bell activities lol.
1/16/08 4:32:39AM
I've done a couple Javorek complexes. Mostly when I was overseas in Iraq I used em to build the shoulder endurance for the long missions and such. He's been featured in Men's Health a couple of times and more often than not the complexes they show for exercises in those typical "10 weeks to rock hard shoulders!" or "6 weeks for a chiseled chest!" involve some kind of Javorek complex.

They're great exercises for muscular endurance and for working out at home with lighter dumbbells.
1/16/08 8:55:44AM
Here' s link to a list of the complexes, scroll down and you'll see all of his Dumbell adn Barbell complexes. http://staff.jccc.net/ijavorek/mf.htm
Another link: http://www.istvanjavorek.com/
I have his book and got hooked on his workouts called Power Thrash or Tremendous Pleasure, the first weeks workouts are on the first link at the very bottom of the page in small print.
I have just started the PT workout again to give the body a 12 week shock, I've hung up the kettlebell, powerropes and crossfit workouts to do only do Javorek's workout.

Drop me a line if you need anymore info, I do sober up for a few hours a day,
The Stupendous Drunkel