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6/18/07 1:43:55AM
Does anyone have a good site to go to for good dumbbell exercies, like photo by photo?
6/18/07 9:09:51PM
hmmm.... check out bodybuilding.com sweet site with great prices on supplements
6/21/07 3:36:06PM
Does anybody buy books anymore? You're not going to lift next to your computer screen, are you? There are tons of books--or even a copy of muscle and fitness--that will give you a good start as a beginner.

If you want specific advice you'd have to say what you're lifting for: which muscle groups, strength vs. endurance vs. appearance, whether you're supplementing this with other exercise or weight lifting, etc.
6/21/07 4:37:02PM
You can ignore the supplements and other ancillary products and actually find very helpful information on BB.com. Check out http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.htm for explanations and videos of many exercises (plenty of dumbbell exercises in there).

Also, check out http://www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html, which has exercises broken down by equipment type better than at BB.com (videos and explanations included).
6/22/07 6:59:20PM
Thanx guys, that bodybuilding does show a lot.... anymore?
6/26/07 7:41:34PM
I'm an amateur fighter from Oklahoma and these are some good exercises. List of muscles each exercise works, pictures and videos of how to perform them properly too.

7/12/07 9:49:13PM
Go to ShapeFit.com gives you a ton of exercises.
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