91/92 Duke Blue Devils vs 2004 USC Trojans

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POLL: 91/92 Blue Devils vs 2004 Trojans
Duke 75% (12)
USC 25% (4)
9/15/12 8:10:15PM
1992 Duke Blue Devils
The 1991–92 Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team was a Division I college basketball team that competed in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Led by All-American Christian Laettner, Duke won its 2nd national championship in as many years to become the first repeating team since UCLA's seven-year dynasty from 1967 to 1973.

2004 USC Trojans
The 2004 USC Trojans football team represented the University of Southern California in the 2004–2005 NCAA Division I-A college football season. Although now vacated for breaking NCAA rules, the team won the 2004 BCS National Championship by winning the 2005 Orange Bowl, that year's BCS National Championship Game. [1] The team also won the AP title for the second year in a row. It was the Trojans' first undisputed national championship since 1972.
9/16/12 7:32:02AM
Didnt want to vote for either. Picked the lesser of two evils. Went with Duke. If USC wouldnt illegally had reggie on their team they wouldnt have been that good