Due To Low Ratings UFC Pulls ‘Primetime’ Series

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12/16/13 7:35:47PM
The Ultimate Fighting Championship has seen its share of ratings struggles in 2013.

12/16/13 7:38:44PM
What did they expect?
They went from broadcasting it on free tv, to broadcasting on pay-for fox channels.
12/16/13 8:20:18PM
Yea they weren't that entertaining anyway. I rarely watched it and I would say I'm a pretty serious mma fan
12/16/13 8:22:19PM
This sucks, I really liked watching these a lot more then the countdown shows. But like someone on this board said they went from Spike-FX to FS1 and 2 (channels some people do not have).
12/16/13 9:48:22PM
Last couple I even stopped watching it.
I saw like one episode of the gsp Hendricks one.
12/17/13 1:50:18PM
I don't remember the last time I watched a Primetime or Countdown episode