Dude getting owned by a basketball hoop

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2/9/08 9:13:33PM
Check it out, funny as hell.

2/9/08 9:28:27PM
i had a trampoline my whole childhood and only got injured one time doing a backflip off the tramp spraining my wrist for a week

we didnt have those "im a pussy cages" either but dam why would you put a b-ball hoop in there, asking to get hurt if you ask me, kid deserved it

even his friends dont care
2/9/08 9:35:08PM
radiohead said it best........this is what you get
2/10/08 3:53:10AM
uh...can you say blown knee?

my fav part is his friends laughing at him while he lays there screaming. classy

2/10/08 5:21:59AM
Damn, that was funny! He fleeww and got stuck. His friends should have just left him dangling on the hoop LOL
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